Another MF'n HIVE Rant

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Look people, don't take this the post the wrong way. If this platform wasn't oozing with potential, I'd be long gone. I believe Hive's biggest issue is that it's run entirely by engineers. I should know, I am an engineer. For them, every problem requires a technical solution. Bullshit I say.

The Argument For Lower Inflation


Don't let these folks with the big wallets talk you into killing inflation on HIVE. Many of these big wallets got big by exploiting the STEEM system in ways that would now be unacceptable on HIVE. The ONLY WAY to level the playing field so that their influence deteriorates over time is continued inflation. Do you want to be ruled by oligarchs? Go ahead and cancel inflation.

Build It And They Will Come


Instead of lowering inflation, what HIVE needs is exposure, marketing, publicity, awareness, or some other actual indication to the wider crypto community that it still actually exists. The fork off the evil Justin Sun Empire schtick has long since lost its luster. We are literally in the middle of an alt season, and the HIVE demand is total shit. You think it's because people aren't building enough stuff here?

Can a Leopard Change His Spots?


Imagine a person spending literally years milking a platform of rewards on STEEM, only to leverage those rewards into a 'thought leader' on a contentious fork of it. Could you call that money laundering? When someone gets a bright idea, it might help to try and speculate what their actual intent is based upon their previous behavior.

The Birth of the Marketing Proposal


I see marketing proposals starting to crop up. Good. I'd like to see a lot more energy go into marketing. The problem with most of them thus far, is that what they amount to is a request to 'pay me to be a marketeer'. While I like the spirit, what I am craving is the plan of how you actually plan to market the product, and how you plan to allocate your funds. I would vote a detailed proposal, because I would be comfortable where the money was going. The last thing I want is more 'pay me I'm popular' schemes on here. You know exactly who and what I'm talking about.

If You Are Offended by This Post


If the shoe fits...

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I wonder who that is...

Naw OCDB was like the Diet Coke of evil bidbots. I actually delegated to it before, and still do.

I'm worried that if something isn't done soon, Hive is doomed. All of the projects built on Hive are what gives us hope, but it also has a negative effect. Because there are so many great projects, we just expect Hive to gain popularity and for the price to follow suit. When Crypto was still struggling, it made sense that Hive was also struggling and it was easy to chalk it up to that.

The best promotion for Hive right now is probably on Twitter. I'm not knocking the people who engage in that, but it's not the best way to onboard people. They're already on Twitter, so they have a platform to share their silly ideas about whatever. They may even try out Hive, but go back to Twitter when they realize they were getting real interaction there. People who get suspended or get slaps on the wrist a lot may be tempted, but regular people are probably fine with the big, busy social networks with lots of people and even celebrities on them.

I'm just sitting here saying "somebody do something!" I don't really have any ideas for how to market it aside from hiring and paying professionals to do it.

For marketing it needs widespread Internet advertising: YouTubers, actual website ads/Brave, etc. Marketed as an actual social media, not just a "get free crypto!" site.

I'm worried that if something isn't done soon, Hive is doomed.

For sure. Altcoins are about to experience a huge weight loss treatment where everything with actual usecases will survive, and everything else will bleed into death. While Hive has a usecase, people will only continue to dump it into oblivion to buy the better coins. Bitcoin dominance will force innovation in the altcoin markets.

I'm just sitting here saying "somebody do something!" I don't really have any ideas for how to market it aside from hiring and paying professionals to do it.

I actually tried to reach out to a few bigger people recently and attempt to get their interest pointed at a similar proposals concept, where we can all vote for blockchain-level developments and encourage change where the community actually wants it. Because right now we don't have that at all. We don't have actual decentralised development and a way to vote for change.

Proposals are for funding projects, and it has been that way for a long time. Having a seperate page for voting and requesting blockchain features and developments would also show activity to newcomers, and display that we are in fact active here. That doesn't even consider those already here that could contribute to such developments.

Annoyingly, that idea has been shot down almost immediately, not even given a chance at discussion.

This is pretty spot on, glad someone had the guts to say it. There is a lot wrong with the platform that drives people away but like you said, there is more right and it has huge potential if we can find our footing as a community. Bring finance , social, engineer into one functioning brain to see and understand all aspects. I can see how reducing the inflation could be a temporary bandaid to add a few pennies to the price but keyword, "temporary", it doesn't fix the bad behaviors of those who chose to abuse the platform consistently. The problem remains attracting and retaining users. Many new small users collectively could pump the price rather than looking for large shiny investors. It might be optimal but fucking with tokenomics until everyone using the thing worth investing into leaves one by one with each fork. I'm no chart reader but I can read that one and it's not looking good!! 😂

Accepting the fact that the content consumer everyone is chasing will never join the platform but Hive is a tool to create our content, we still have to share it on regular social media for viewers. Now if writers could earn via adds by sharing their content outside of the platform and outside the pay window, more would share it. We might even be able to take a bit of the bloggpress. I know they have grand Dap plans for this place but putting the horse before the cart doesn't make things move faster. Reality this is still a blogging platform for now and how we get eyes is by going to get em. Some by marketing some by cashing in on indirect traffic that will never sign up for this place. The revenue could be split with dev and the support of new projects, some could be burned and writers getting a cut, giving a use case for the token.

Maybe someday we can move forward once the every day average users voice and what they would like to see matters into developing a product that people want to get addicted to and never leave like some of us hardcore hive optimists. I can see a temporary tinker with the token distribution because not enough users currently but not as a permanent thing, even temporarily it will drive users away and I think that's the wrong approach.

Great comments. We need something better to draw people here. Unfortunately the people already here aren't really cutting it. Lots of legends, but mostly in their own minds! :-P

Lots of legends, but mostly in their own minds! :-P

I don't think it's that, it's more the holding of power. These people love discussion but can't act, nor can they take criticism. They are meant to be maintainers of the blockchain, taking in feedback from the community and acting. They can't do either. They can talk and discuss change but can't implement it. And if you point that out then what you get is a kick in the teeth with the argument of "I'm working for free, this is a decentralised blockchain."

Well, they're the ones choosing to maintain it and hold power over it. Don't like the expectations? They could simply let someone else take over. Being a witness should have actual standards expected of you, not just stick to your own little project and never take into consideration the fact that you're in charge of the chain and everyone's looking at you to listen and lead. Witnesses should be coming together as one to create marketing plans, finding budgets, producing the concepts to the community. We shouldn't have to have individuals practically begging in proposals for marketing funds.

LMFAO "Lots of legends, but mostly in their own minds"😂 I agree! We need better people for sure that are better at raising an entourage and creating content than any of us for sure. Don't get me wrong I like the wholesome content but yes it needs help on occasion some things are a little stale.

@namiks witnesses should be held to a minimum standard and that's why we get to vote them in or out, because the community is small it limits the talent available so the competition may not be as high as it was lets say in 2017. At the same time there is probably more to do than meets the eye, they all have lives, families and jobs outside of here and hive probably isn't their main source of income. As far as marketing, that shouldn't be added to the backs of devs and witnesses, it should be a team with actual marketing experience dedicated to that specific task.

Just like proposals, witnesses only need a few big friends to stay in power. A majority not voting them is not enough. Then, unlike the newer proposals, all the votes from steem carried over to hive, whether or not the users did, so there's also an unfair advantage. @blocktrades is working on this, but it isn't good enough. It still allows for too much complacency for the average user in the governance side of Hive.

Agreed, I hope the aging out of witness votes occurs sooner than later. There are flat out scumbags from the steem days with millions of HP voting them.

As far as marketing, that shouldn't be added to the backs of devs and witnesses, it should be a team with actual marketing experience dedicated to that specific task.

Well that sure didn't work with Steemit Inc, did it?

witnesses should be held to a minimum standard

They're the backbone of this blockchain and certainly should be held to a higher standard. Take a glance at similar DPoS/PoS chains with similar concepts to witnesses. The standards are very high. We have proposals for a reason: to get things funded, which brings me to the next part of your reply...

they all have lives, families and jobs outside of here and hive probably isn't their main source of income

Again, they know what they're getting into. And on top of that, it isn't the rate of action that people are frustrated with, it's the complete inaction entirely. They seem completely uninterested with actually listening to what anyone says, let alone having the community actually vote for change. But once again, we have proposals to fund these things. We have money to actually spend on developers that could build things the community requests, but are we doing that? Nope. Is there a reason? None that makes any sense.

It didn't work with steemit because they hired degenerates. Hire a quality firm and you wouldn't get a debacle like that. Bandfield's face takes the credibility out of anything for me.

I understand what you are saying with other chains and all of that plus I agree they don't listen to the community much. I get what you are saying just I'm not a dev so I can't really say what it requires or anything but there is no point constantly being negative about it, when it annoys me enough, I'll do like the rest and vacate I guess. Til then ride the waves? It does make it un-attractive to investors when development is stale and so is the community's slow bleed. We can all agree that we need new blood and witnesses to lead by example.

If this platform wasn't oozing with potential, I'd be long gone.

I started powering down yesterday then cancelled. I am still on the brink of bailing. @azicon has some clout and if you are up for this marketing thing, I am sure he will back you. Something needs to change, and I don't want the responsibility of it all and lack the experience.

It needs some stronger shoulders than mine. Who is the evil villain?, I know.., but then I have been primed.

I started powering down yesterday then cancelled. I am still on the brink of bailing

I'm not far behind you after reading a few things that have made me a bit uneasy...

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Examples? :-O

Ah I mean the examples in your post which are also compounded by what I have seen over the last 9 months (and the couple of years before that when I was on STEEM) and looking at the comments section here, cold truths really!

Funny timing considering I just posted yesterday about some goals of growing my stake here but starting to doubt if I should continue with that now 😃

Don't leave, who will post the urbex porn if you go?

I'm not, but am getting very frustrated on what I am seeing. Will be posting a lot less.

At the current price, I'd be tempted not to bail if I were you simply because this price, in my opinion, and be held indefinitely by the huge stakeholders keeping their investments turning over.

Not doing for the moment, it was a bad day moment.

It's frustrating mate. Especially watching the price of BTC go through the roof.
You take it easy fella with the real life shit storm going on over there. Best wishes fella

I completely agree about the marketing thing @joshman. We need a dedicated marketing agency with reps that understand both crypto and mainstream digital marketing. A marketing firm that could maybe bridge the gap.

Imagine a person spending literally years milking a platform of rewards on STEEM, only to leverage those rewards into a 'thought leader' on a contentious fork of it. Could you call that money laundering? When someone gets a bright idea, it might help to try and speculate what their actual intent is based upon their previous behavior.

Also, this made me laugh. And the meme that went along with it. I've come across people saying things like 'live and let live' in regards to these good folks who literally ground steem's value proposition into the dirt and drove away easily half the community of high quality content creators. There is nothing like spending many many hours, even days, editing a short story - to put it up on steem and then see the same horseshit spam content all over trending from stacked bidbot votes - to make someone run a mile. Live and let live my arse. It was fckn criminal what went on with vote selling.

I just hope that enough people remember to not allow that sht to happen again, if we get a chance to see the same level of growth that steem had in 2017.

Don't let these folks with the big wallets talk you into killing inflation on HIVE. Many of these big wallets got big by exploiting the STEEM system in ways that would now be unacceptable on HIVE. The ONLY WAY to level the playing field so that their influence deteriorates over time is continued inflation. Do you want to be ruled by oligarchs?

Also, this is spot on. I've read some insane things over the last few months about negating the reward pool etc. Why not just line up all the content creators against a wall and let all the passive large stake take turns taking a run up to kick them square in the balls (or other non gender specific genitalia 😂). It would be simpler and quicker with the same amount of pain. And it would destroy the only thing that hive has going for it above and beyond a host of shity POS projects.

Ha ha, anyway rant over... it felt good to vent 🤣

hahaha good one and excellent use of memes!

i won't say more about the hive vs leo illusion, i have given my answer countless times already so i think there are people who simply don't wanna understand it!

Ofc we all know to whom you are referring :P

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Haha, thanks. Occasionally I can meme...

I don't think most users care about inflation. They care more about what rewards they get on their next post and that's not going to improve unless we see some dramatic increase in numbers. Hive is tiny with just a few thousand people active (mostly on Splinterlands it seems). We desperately need marketing that will persuade some 'influencers' to get on board. It may just take a few who bring their followers over. I'd love to see more musicians and bands that I like sign up so I can support them.

There was a marketing project, but their discord is dead. We have the HiveChat on Twitter, but that tends to be a Hive echo chamber. We need to reach beyond our community.

Hive will never be perfect, but it's better than most of the alternatives.

They care more about what rewards they get on their next post

This is a part of the problem, from what I've seen. The people who ARE coming here seem to see it as a 'get rich quick' scheme. What this platform really needs right now isn't necessarily more creators, what it needs is more consumers. If enough people come here and just SEE what is going on, that will drive the attention the platform needs to grow quickly.

Hive seems to have a wonderful ecosystem of its own that sustains itself well, in my opinion to see the kind of growth that everyone seems to want all it really needs is more bodies.

I think those bodies will come if enough people just know it exists. I don't think you actually even need to get influencers on board, if you could just get some product placement in their mouths enough people would come here and stay.

I think we need a mix. There has to be a big enough audience to bring in big creators, but the masses want good content. I think we should aim for those who can't make much from other platforms, e.g. a band with 1000 real fans. If they all come over then they can get something going. When others see this they may try it. Need those pioneers.

I was on the Tsu platform more or less from the start until they lost funding. They had some fairly big names initially, but they did not stick around. I made a bit and others made more, but there was a lot of abuse such as spamming for likes. Hive is harder to kill, but we cannot be complacent. We have to do what we can to build and support the community. We stand to profit in the long run if it does grow.

Why would consumers buy hive? A 1000 . 001 upvotes isn't going to keep quality authors here. And, the consumers would get bored really fast.

I've been on here a year, and haven't run out of content yet, and living in NY state I'm not even able to buy Hive. As I said, there's already an ecosystem here, we don't need an influx of big new upvotes, we just need attention. Hive already has a decent selection of content creators who don't seem to be going anywhere, if we also had an audience, more content creators would come.

I've been here since 2016 and only drop by every once in a while, because the effort isn't worth it and 97% of the content is of no value... So, your point is subjective and since the platform isn't growing, moot.

Hive is tiny with just a few thousand people active (mostly on Splinterlands it seems).

Oh get real, you refused to engage with real people on Steem, and it's likely you're just chasing votes here too.

Provide some blockchain stats on this crazy claim. It's more likely that Hive have about 100 active users, and you are disillusioned to think otherwise, unless you can provide some proof of 1000 users. I just don't see it from my ostracized point of view.

I was one of the most active people on Steem and went to two Steemfests as well as other events. You? It's what you make of it.

Hive activity:

Thanks for the stats, It's good to know how 'unvaluable' I was, I guess not posting to Hive was the correct decision. Heaven forbid you motivate 70 reps non posters to post lol. BTW, I'm not going to provide stats, but it was organic 70 rep. My voice means as much as it's worth here in Hive, right? This place is a joke, please explain why it's failing... you think you weren't a part of the failure, think again.

and thanks for not upvoting my comment like I did yours, 100% :P

Perhaps because you started with an insult? I tend to encourage positive engagement. My choice. Begging for votes is so desperate.

I'm sorry for whatever I did to piss you off.

Maybe think back to Steem and you will figure it out, but probably not, I was never in the "in group". So gone on with your failing current perspective, and think people without are the reason for Hive's demise. This is literally a digital representation of everything that is wrong with the world, and you are complicit my (non) friend.

I expect you will reply with some drop your pants and let them hang response, don't bother with that pathetic shit, Hive votes mean nothing but morality to me, and you are devoid, obviously. Keep the vote and give it to pathetic folks who think hive will ever be worth something while being ditcated by morally deficient folks like yourself, Best wishes.

If there is marketing proposal that involves any professionals it will immediately get my vote. But if there are ones like currently a few out there, not only they won’t get my vote but I will use my considerable resources to make sure they don’t get funding. Pure and simple.

Please, please someone write a proposal where they show that they hire a digital marketing company to promote hive,

But that tip bot, man. It's gonna make Hive an household name!


What about a simple proposal for Brave ads for 10k plus a small administrative fee, or similar ideas.

I am game.

@roomservice had a proposal out for advertising on Brave a long time ago. Brave would be a great place to advertise too since there are a lot of people already in the crypto world using Brave. Advertising what exactly would be the hardest part, where do you have people come to? Our onboarding is still pretty bad and without RC pools existing to let users be able to use the chain, if we can't have retention, it won't be worth it right away.

It was $200/day. Who are you kidding?

Ah I didn't know much about it, just knew it existed.

Anyways.... doesn't exist now... so moot point anyways.

10k would be about $350/day to cover the campaign, not counting any overhead such as exchange fees. You could structure it as a single proposal for the subsequent month's campaign. You could keep everything in crypto assuming that Brave accepts BTC as payment. That way, if people don't like the results of the previous month, they don't have to vote on the next proposal. The challenge would be to get all the votes you need in time.

Smaller daily number but longer duration usually works best... at least in the beginning. Gives you more time to lobby and getting it funded

What about a delegation faucet? That too could be funded by the HDF and lock up a bunch of HP. After signing up and doing an intro post, a new user could just go to a faucet and pull a delegation.

I've already created something like that and it exists( It does get some decent usage(there's nearly 60 active delegations at this moment, you can view them @giftgiver's wallet), but having a much better version of it made by someone with a lot of experience would be awesome. I tried getting DAO funding for it back in Steem days but it never got too much attention and I haven't tried again since then to get any major funding from the DHF. Most of the power in there is curation rewards from earned from voting thanks to some delegators or powered up by me to the account or some other donators.

Fighting abuse with this is hard. Without having someone constantly monitor every account using it to make sure it's not just a vote ring, it can easily get abused. I've got some set limits with it and while I can't spend time looking at every single account using the delegations, I have friends who have let me know in the past if any users were abusers(plagiarizers mostly).

Best for hive would be influencer marketing / guest posts on popular crypto sites. But for that, hive need to be ready to onboard 10k-100k a day. I don't see the infrastructure for that.

We have no person for communications outside of hive. Before marketing we should have one first. Like Interviews with other Blockchain people and so on.

Then expand,

Sold all my STEEM/HIVE for ETH long time ago, nobrainer. I saw the dapps on Steem having tenthousands of users, it dropped to a few thousand and now the blogging dapps have only a few hundreds of users. The token price is dead. We had Youtubers on this chain, Youtubers with Millions of followers, we even had the chance of getting fucking Pewdiepie with 102Million Youtube Followers. Now DLive is independend. Later Vitalik was covering the Justin Sun Case - Crypto Twitter saw it.

chances over chances. Who here is realy blaming it on advertisement. The economics are crap. Period.

Hive is NOT a Crypto, there is ZERO crypto in the chaining process. No Merkle Trees, nothing. The dPOS is a pure economic based consensus protocol. The protocoll token is at the same time the governance token and the end-user token you get from interaction with dapps...per definition validators compete with endusers. It is a staate! with legislature, executive, its own media, central bank and church and all powered by HIVE. The more HIVE, the more influence, the earlier you were, the more HIVE - plutocratic by design. Not intelligent decision making. Good luck in figuring out what drove the price down :D

PS. the real users here are fucking amazing

Fairly nihilistic coming from someone who took the time to log in and post here. Do you value your time so little?

Dozens in the top 100 coins with 'crap economics' and plenty of demand for them.

Exactly, it's a carbon copy of the American Oligarchy.

I firmly believe this as well. The marketing is what is missing on this platform. I'm currently working on some solutions for this but it will take a bit of time as I'm doing it in my spare time and asking for no funds from it. I believe though we have ALOT of very smart people here on all levels. I'm sure there are more than just myself who have a marketing background and have good ideas to brining more people on to the platform. That being said I would be VERY watchful on those asking for funds and saying they will use it to promote on Facebook etc. lol might be the worst idea yet. You're crypto people that really know and invest are NOT on those platforms they are on other ones. We need to focus on those who already understand instead of trying to educate the ones that don't want to be educated.

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Agreed, the crypto community is the low hanging fruit of who to attract.

Thanks for that, I've said it for years that techies don't know shit about marketing. Of course they don't why should they? But yet we still rely on them to push this platform out to the masses. It hasn't happened, it will never happen until we have some professional marketing and promotion and pay for it using the proposal system we have already in place.

Sadly, it ain't going to happen and we will still be having this discussion next year....and the next year....

I think it will, needs someone who is willing to do it.

I hear what you say but we have stacks of liquid in the DAO fund, hire someone...someone from off-chain if necessary. Surely there are some professional marketing, advertising and SEO pro's here somewhere!

For all Dan's bluster, the twitter campaign has never worked.

My first stop would be to get Dappler or Ecency mobile App and use Google and Facebook advertising to promote it and allow it come with a free built in account so users don't need to fanny about. Once we have them and they see they can genuinely get rewards which increase with their stake, they will hopefully start buying but at least get them on board first!

So many things could be done but as you say, no one has the bottle to take it on! It needs a budget to pay someone AND a big budget for the promotion!!

People like you who have genuinely bought in as opposed to eked out a stake in the very early days must be furious.

The other problem is, those huge stake holders are doing very well from curation etc anyway so they have no motivation to roll things out to the masses.

We have the nice toys, we need the people!!!

Agreed, I hope we figure it out and get there sooner than later.

Lol this isn't another Hive rant, clickbait!! :P. This is exactly the point that people should be aware of. About the proposals of marketing it's true that isn't a detailed one, is a urgent one though.

I've voted for it but you're right we should ask much more detailed info about it.

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Thanks for dropping in and your comments!

LOL This is brilliant.

Great post man, the memes are spot on and I think you hit the nail on the head...This place is built by engineers...And for things to really work, I truly believe it needs a healthy mix of superior tech (engineers) and people who know what makes people 'click' (marketing).

Thanks, I agree!

Great post, the reason new people are not joining and putting effort in, is that it seems like there are only groups of people supporting each other and new people are really, you can do as much as you want, you wont get really much for the work

Thanks. It's definitely a grind for new people to get noticed, but I've seen new people with great content be successful. It's not automatic. What in life is really?

OMG! this is so on point.
I love the bidbot owner to pillar of the community meme.

That is the absolute truth.

Great post

No comment😂

I had an idea for a decentralized ads campaign. I’m still not sure if I can handle organizing it, if not I’m gonna try and pass it on to someone else.

You are 100% right, the problem is that we are run almost entirely by developers with few social skills minus a few of them.

We have been late to the bull market before, I think we have til late spring early summer to generate some interest in hive.

Our numbers seem to be on an upward trend for the first time since the last hardfork but it’s really gotta pick up.

The other problem is that we have tried to do grass roots marketing and now half of hive is spending hours a day on Twitter, failing to realize that Twitter doesn’t share their posts with anyone except other people on hive...

We should have ads on Brave right now. After brave, we move to google, easy peasy

Why does everyone want Brave Ads?

I understand Most people who use Brave know something of crypto and perhaps this will make them more likely to invest in Hive.

However, if we want to attract users it doesn't really matter since we can advertise it as not primarily a blockchain, but a blogging platform elsewhere. Lots of good content creators can be found on platforms other than hive.

Google ads, Facebook ads, Reddit ads, etc. Are way more effective and can be targeted to certain demographics or keywords.

We could even specifically advertise pages of high quality Hive bloggers (like @joshman) and communities like #arethereanygoodcommunities? to attract content consumers so they don't just see trending junk about Hive itself or crypto and run.

Well, if we're thinking of attracting investors, brave ads is the easiest option. Especially since we won't need to hide the fact that we're a blockchain project and stuff like that.

Google and Facebook ads have many stringent rules and I'm pretty sure that they won't be too in tune with the idea of promoting us on their platforms after they do some digging

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I think you raise 2 concerns.

if we're thinking of attracting investors, brave ads is the easiest option

Why would anyone invest without more quality content and consumers? I'm pretty sure most crypto investors have heard of Hive/Steem. We are one of the loudest communities, especially considering our current rank (we shout like at least a top 30).

they won't be too in tune with the idea of promoting us on their platforms after they do some digging

The problem is we promote ourselves like 'earn free crypto' as true as it is, we should probably consider a different angle. That's why I suggest focusing on content promotion or blogging and not 'crypto'.

I just think the devs have had more than enough influence and chance. It's sad we aren't even the main blog or forum to use for crypto.

EXACTLY!!! Too much 'investment' and 'get free crypto' and not enough quality content and blockchain social media!! Niches like Crypto, Masses like social media....who will then be weened into Crypto simply by being here and find their way around.

Yup, I think linking the high effort curator blogs that do a decent recap of what they selected or highlighted would be best.

We tried the free crypto. We tried the many dapps. We tried getting influencers. We tried paying copywriters, etc. I'm not saying this is spent, I'm just thinking we need a professional marketing firm that isn't crypto-focused and not a HIVE insider along with advertising.

I think the key here is to think outside of the Hive.

That is also exactly what I just posted on @slobberchops comment in reply to my original comment on this thread. Time to pay for some external professionals. But who will take the bull by the horns and be the one to organise it?

Brave is kind of the low hanging fruit though, and the crypto community at large is kind of an ideal target. I understand they aren't everything, but if you don't have the crypto community energized about your blockchain product, you're probably not going to go very far.

What HIVE needs is exposure, marketing, publicity, awareness, or some other actual indication to the wider crypto community that it still actually exists.


I see marketing proposals starting to crop up. Good. I'd like to see a lot more energy go into marketing.

Agreed, again. Plus, I think we also really need to encourage and improve the growth of witnesses. We want more people creating witness nodes and running for the top slots. We desperately need more competition so those already there aren't enticed to sit and slow down without much threat to their position.

Improved documentation would also be neat to encourage people to set them up, even with limited technical knowledge.

Marketing has been a recurring theme since Hive's birth but I wonder why nobody has found a functional solution. Anyway really enjoyed the memes:)

I'm an engineer too, and I approve of your message. "I just can't do it, captain." No, I cannot design what you need, test its performance, validate the data, and provide the functionality users need while also pretending that people will automatically use what I build.

Communicating to people that aren't using what you're building is a great way to market what you've got.

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do agree with the part that reduce inflation or burning coins never help the price to go up if there is no exposure and demand things that usually come with marketing

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Why can't we have both?

Lower inflation and marketing.

We can burn through the dao fund on marketing. 2 birds 1 stone ","

Inflation lowers itself YoY anyhow. But I want the governance more democratized, inflation is the best way IMO, because it makes the barrier to entry of governance very low. I'm all for burning stuff.

I think the term "inflation" technically just go for people here who share a considerable amount of stake. As for minnows, their focus is to get attention (and rewards) from their posts. So I agree to shift the focus from the technical aspect to the "marketing side".

I'm actually not fond of the proposal system but I'm more comfortable if people vouch a proven and tested agency/company to handle the marketing system then that'll be the time DHF will come in.

Good recommendations and deep clash of bright ideas will be good for everybody, let us help all these to fruition.

Yes, i am not an engineer, but I can and i do market Hive in the small way I can.

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Bravo Joshua I agree perfectly, we are waiting for marketing proposals on the big social networks, also I would like to see a loyalty program for new users, voting them well. It would be interesting to study how many new users leave Hive after a short time ...


INflation applies to all coins.coins are continually losing value to inflation. I hope hive will maintain prices and will be stable.

Not all coins are inflationary BTC is the reversal of it is a deflationary coin AFAIK.

Bitcoin technically has inflation until the 21 million mark is met.

Stunning post my friend. Everything which is fluently stated in this MF'n Hive rant never better said.

Holy shit! it even looks like if I had written & illustrated it myself. Hahahaha

Besides marketing, more usecases and way more easy wallet creation are also needed. IMO it's impossible at the current system to onboard 100k a day.

I agree, simply changing your private keys in a trustless way is a nightmare for the average user.

true but with a noob friendly interface that can be fixed

for example key change into auto download/backup + keychain import new keys :)

Give people the tools to build, and there will build.

We need Smts and smart contracts. Then people build there apps and tokens and market it. For cheaper walletes prefix + suffix wallets ( app. name) and hive will be a super coin.

The current situation is, you market hive/ you also need to pay the wallet in some way.

..... and is the reason I quit both Steem, and never posted on Hive. You are a real motherfucker.
Not much more to say. Peace.

Really? What did I ever do to you?

Actually nothing, I was agreeing with your post. In fact you are one of the few who was ever actually nice to me on Steem. Was just stopping by , much love.

That might have been misinterpreted, by "real motherfucker", I meant you keep things real.

Oh lol. You mean I'm a keepin it real mofo! gotcha

Thought I might have missed something. Glad we cleared that up. :-)

Spot on!

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Thanks, glad you liked it!

Pre-existing conditions.

Don't worry Obamacare will cover it...