The Relevance We Give Mark & Jack; How Is It Still Logical To Experience Censorship?

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The greatest fear of anyone who is growing their businesses on any traditional centralised social medias is that everything wouldn't be taken from them just because they have violated a policy. Nevertheless why would people keep building in a place where they know that they're on borrowed time?

This is because they're living with the mindset that nowhere will give them the opportunity to sell their businesses, nowhere will give them the platform to meet business people alike and people keeps running this risk and keep getting deplatformed or demonitized on a daily basis. The cycle continue, the trend continues, as much population these medias garners, the stricter their policies become.

Facebook virtually releases new policies on a daily basis of which makes them kick people off with ease. Why is this? The more people they get, the more powerful they become and the more powerful they become the more monopolistic they become. Monopoly is bad for every economy and why is this? Power corrupts, power brings unsolicited control.

This is why competition is healthy. Truth is, inasmuch as we can't completely kick off centralised medias, People are the reasons why decentralised medias the opportunity to compete at a nominal level. Take for example hive has the ingredients of a decentralised media, so what is lacking? The people and the attention. The mass adoption.


Decentralisation is a freer form or format of self governance and and inasmuch as we might reach this stage in the distant future, people owns the power to change the narrative. If a sizeable amount of people switches from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to maybe hive, leo. Don't you think the competition will be mimimal? The other day a lot of people celebrate Donald Trump being suspended from twitter.

But then lets take away the fact that Trump bickers a lot. He beings relevance to twitter, he's one of the reasons why a lot of people are monetized. Every of his actions are newsworthy and in an all round event twitter makes money off his relevance, what does twitter gives him in return? Nothing. And if he was the only public figure on twitter, would he have been suspended? No.

Truth is, centralised medias have gotten the power to control because the people gives them this power in the first place. I believe no one should be happy about Trump's suspension because its just a proof of the fact that no one truly owns their account. Let us forget that a lot of people have built sucessful business in places like YouTube what if you wake up one day and all the money affluence and wealth you've built is taken away simply because you frequently used a word in your videos or you promoted a concept in your videos?

These are the questions people needs to be asking. People brings relevance to these medias all for nothing in return and being told what to do and what not to do is like like 19th century. People are beginning to wake up to this unwarranted control but the freel they don't have a choice.

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But don't they really have a choice? Of course they do. One of the reasons why I feel places like hive and leofinance is going to be a big representative in the movement of decentralisation in the distant future is that they're already first of their kind. There will be more of their kind in the future, do you believe facebook and twitter will enjoy this dominance even let us say in 20 years time? No.

They will have been completely been outmatched and out competited against. This is to say that audience will shift and its important people stop building empires in centralised medias. The ones who builds with decentralised medias in the now are the owners of the future, they're the pioneers of true freedom. Even without adequate awareness its bound to happen. Only it might take longer.

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This idea is very nice and I'm looking at it in a way that even if these prominent people do not want to own an account in decentralized places like hive, they can employ a team that will run an account for them and the team will have answers to first hand information that will be coming from them.

If they manage to do this and open an account here they will surely reap the benefits of decentralization.

Monopoly have always been frowned upon in businesses that deal with products and services. The Monopoly that most of these social medias are backing on in order to push their members around will soon be swept under the carpet show.

Well Done Bro...
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I agree with you to the fullest.
They say what you don't know can not kill you, maybe in does days. These days, ignorance kills like poison. I have friends that have spent money that can used to set up a business on data only in the last 2 months, and yet they don't earn not learn from it. You and I have a lot to do in bringing people to the light of decentralisation.


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