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RE: Attention Economy: LEO will be crawling with scammers during the mega-bull run.

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A lot of people have chose not to be bullish on hive infact they're selling every stock they have on hive the parent chain and this is something I find disheartening.
As for the other scammer, I think it's time we stop hitting all those introduction posts with $100 Leo's and so, it's important for us to start little. I believe these scammers have seen the trend of giving out these big votes to introduction posts, they want to make some bucks before they're finally caught.
But then identity theft is a whole new level to these scamming @onealfa felt so decieved. But this should prove to us that no one is who they are untill they settle in prove their identity and contribute to the Leo community. I guess have a nice PR department would do that. We're nice and these scammers are taking us for granted

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Who is getting $100 for Leo posts?

Is this a mythical story?

some 'crypto influncer' joined and got crazy $60, 70, 80 upvotes.
Same shit, same sycophantic dynamic.
Some things never change.
The internet is full of the greenest people on the planet.

He felt Deceived? Well I don't really think so cause he later saw it coming anyway. I am glad it has been settled and the account has been downvoted to zero
Well, I didn't see that coming though being that the person said he or she was invited by the newest influencer.
The influx of introduction posts on Leo is quite alarming.
And the funny part is that mostly the top influencer is mostly and highly noticed and rewarded even before checking out to know if they are a scam or not.

And I see many have abandoned hive and pushed towards Leo, thereby selling all the thing they hard store up on hive, quite disheartening.

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