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RE: Leofinance: A Lot More Than Just A Token Pump

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Yeah I believe Leo is a project in the making and I'm happy that all the deFi stuff is coming around that and leo is capitalising on that to rather grow and become well adopted by a lot of people. But then I believe I'm even happy about the developments going on rather than the rise in token price. I hope people who wants to be excessively greedy learn to understand that Leo is it a Ponzi or an airdrop, it's a project in the making like you said. I see steady growth anyways slowly but steadily in the next two years

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There is a lot on the plate in terms of the development. So while the token price is increasing, the value of the ecosystem is also growing. Obviously, they might not be at the same rate but the potential does exist for exponential growth down the road as all pieces start to complement each other even more.

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Yeah one thing I think too, the development might not be uniform but then I hope people can understand this too. So far Leo has turned out nicely and I'm even saying it'll take more time to like get to where we want.
It was good learning about Leoinfra

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