Leofinance: A Lot More Than Just A Token Pump

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Leofinance has made some news around Hive with the successful launch of its wLEO token on Ethereum. This was followed by a liquidity pool that filled up rather quickly. A few hundred thousand dollars found its way into the pool, making wLEO a decent sized player there. While far from the biggest, it is enough of a foundation to build upon.


As the token moved up in price, it is easy to fall victim of focusing exclusively on that. However, there are variables in this situation that everyone truly needs to consider.

Leofinance is building. While many enter the DeFi world to speculation, this platform is utilizing DeFi for growth. It is all part of a larger plan to attract users and catapult Leofinance into the mainstream.

Since many like to use token pricing as a barometer, we can say that the run has been outstanding. There was a time when the LEO could be had on Hive-Engine for .025 HIVE. The present asking price is 1.69 HIVE, an increase of almost 70 times. After that kind of run, surely the air is going to come out of the balloon.


That is a conclusion that one might want to put on the back burner. With Leofinance, there is a lot to consider with all the development that is rolling out.

Overlooked in the release of wLEO was the new user interface that the team built from the ground up. Presently, it mirrors a lot of what is taking place on Hive since the front end was designed, initially, to model Peakd. Thus, we have not seen much of a separation from the traditional Hive based UI.

That is going to change. There will be a time, in the not too distant future, where Leofinance is going to see a number of social media tools built into the UI that are exclusive to that project. This will enable people to interact in a manner similar to traditional social media while focusing upon the financial arena. The best part about this is the fact that it all takes place on Leofinance, hence Hive.

For a few months now, I stated that the exciting part about the new user interface is when V.2 and V.3 roll out.

Of course, we cannot overlook the major announcement this week (teaser I guess) that introduced us to LeoInfra. There is a new back end that is going to enable Leofinance to tie into other blockchains. Much in the same way as wLEO took the LEO token to the world of Ethereum, we are going to see something similar with the applications.

Here is how the team spelled it out in the post that introduced it:

This project has been dubbed "LeoInfra" which will build the backend infrastructure to allow cross-chain LeoApps including an upgrade to the current suite - LeoFinance, LeoDex, Hivestats - and will also lay the foundation for the next generation of apps we build. Why stop at WLEO when we can build apps that bridge Hive to Ethereum and other blockchains?


What does that all mean? While we are only left to speculate at this point, here is an idea of how things could work. How about the concept of someone signing up using their Ethereum information? This would open up the doors to a host of other users. Naturally, the sign up process would need to be seamless so that the individual had instant access to the Leofinance features. Here we would see an immediate market that could be tapped into.

Going one step further, wLEO is now a valid Ethereum token. Why not tie the payouts to that token if individuals prefer. Leofinance is already offering bonus payouts for the liquidity pool in either LEO or wLEO. It only makes sense that one could opt to receive author payouts in either token (although with fees it might not make sense).

Another point to consider is the fact that the UI is going to enable a host of new features. For example, it is possible to start offering subscription based services on Leofinance. By crossing chain, we can only conclude that payments for said services, or any others that end up on Leofinance platform, could be done utilizing other tokens. This would open up an enormous wealth pool as we know ERC-20 tokens can all be traded for each other.

Finally, Leofinance has its own DEX, aptly named LeoDex. How does this fit into the equation? Again, speculation is the only thing we can do since the team said nothing about this other than what is the introduction post. They did mention that LeoDex would be part of the "cross-chain LeoApps". Here we see that the team is already thinking of ways to utilize that application for the Ethereum (and other) blockchain.


In the end, we all can have fun with numbers, playing the game however we like. For those who missed it, check out @nealmcspadden's posts where he gives some projections on LEO and HIVE prices.

That said, after a near 70X run, could there be some life left in LEO? At this point, with all that is taking place, there is. I was asked if I believe we are still dealing with pennies on the dollar when it comes to this token. Ultimately, yes I think that could be the case. Over the next few years, for those who like to look long-term, there could be much higher prices ahead.

As Neal used in his videos, the idea of growth is little talked about in cryptocurrency yet it is exactly the focus for Leofinance. The idea is to move the user base up the scale. First, get thousands of people involved, and then move to hundreds of thousands. Eventually, with a lot of development and advancement, it could be possible to see an ecosystem of over a million users at some point.

How this will impact the token is anyone's guess. However, we do know there is a correlation between activity and token price. Also, LEO has a very tight float meaning that the number of tokens outstanding is not enormous. This will also factor into the price moves of the future.

Could we see a price of 10 or 20 HIVE per LEO in the future? That will depend upon a number of variables that are impossible to predict such as the token price of HIVE. That said, with all that is taking place, it is likely we can see much higher numbers for the price of the LEO token. The development is rapidly moving towards the point where it is warranted.

If we look at Leofinace as a 2-3 year project, where do you think it will be by the end of 2022 or 2023?

This will show that Leofinance is a lot more than just a quick token pump.

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You always manage to up my level of excitement, by researching and putting into words ( in a way my not-too-technical brain can understand ) what I sense but can't really wrap my head around.

Thank you for being that much needed filter!✨

Getting a lot of the people in crypto onboard who currently spend time reading Web 2.0 outlets is going to be critical. Joining forces with a crypto news outlet offering to tokenize their user experience is something to think about.

By the way, I've been struggling to comment and vote lately. Scarcely any of my autovotes are getting through, which means I'm missing out on curation rewards. LeoFinance is hasn't been too responsive lately. The lag has been horrible. Ditto with some other Hive front ends. Does this have something to do with the upcoming hard fork?

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I had the same problem. Od discord they explain to me to change the node. I did and it works fine now.

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I have changed nodes several times. Performance keeps varying but I haven't found one that works perfectly all the time.

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I can only surmise that the upcoming hard fork is causing some issues with some of the nodes.

Like @oldtimer said, I switched nodes and works well...at least for now.

No word on what the problem is so it is all a guess. Maybe some of the node operators will be commenting at some point.

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The movement that the leo ecosystem is having in general (back and front-end) and the price of its token is very interesting, we see a team in constant update and that shows responsibility on the part of the team for the project

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What I love about this is that it has shown people what is possible. Through Leofinance other tribes can tap into the knowledge and apply steps that will help grow their own tokenomics and help the tribe scale. Twist this here, turn this there and fine tune and boom, a tribe will do better than was before.

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It certainly is providing a model for others to follow. While there are many paths other tribes can take, it does emphasize how value can be created at the community level and be reflected in the token.

Of course, to do that a tribe needs to be moving forward and developing. This is something that my observation is missing from many.

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Yeah I believe Leo is a project in the making and I'm happy that all the deFi stuff is coming around that and leo is capitalising on that to rather grow and become well adopted by a lot of people. But then I believe I'm even happy about the developments going on rather than the rise in token price. I hope people who wants to be excessively greedy learn to understand that Leo is it a Ponzi or an airdrop, it's a project in the making like you said. I see steady growth anyways slowly but steadily in the next two years

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There is a lot on the plate in terms of the development. So while the token price is increasing, the value of the ecosystem is also growing. Obviously, they might not be at the same rate but the potential does exist for exponential growth down the road as all pieces start to complement each other even more.

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Yeah one thing I think too, the development might not be uniform but then I hope people can understand this too. So far Leo has turned out nicely and I'm even saying it'll take more time to like get to where we want.
It was good learning about Leoinfra

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Having all these use cards for LEO and with more chains using it, more exchanges, more trading and those who mint via blogging with strong hands this token has got more about it than most ETH coins

Also with the linear curation I’m even more encouraged than I was before to stake and I think that all these pressures and look at that buy demand we’ve got plenty of upside to go!

I’m glad to be a small part of all of this kinda crypto history in the making

Yes there is a lot of upside. We are also just touching upon some of the development that is rolling out. We are going to see even more on tap by the end of the year.

Every couple weeks we are seeing more stuff being rolled out. It is truly exciting.

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The only certainty I have is that in the next 2 or 3 years it will be at a level that even the most optimistic will not get it right. If in less than a year and a half everything that we are experiencing has already happened, in the future it will be even better.

Of course, the price is important and even moves us, but we must not forget the great potential that LEO has. May LeoInfra bring the masses and thus involve thousands in various blockchains. It will be interesting to know more about it and what I have left is just to wait anxiously.

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It is right that „the masses“ are the goal and every project around here is looking to onboard as many as possible new users. However, targeting the right customer is always a winning approach, also if your product almost fits to everybody. Given the big investing community consisting of individuals able and willing to „risk“ a couple of dollars and also used to pay for quality, the potential of LEO is enormous and (in my opinion) far superior to lifestyle topics like cooking, traveling or photography. I think of LEO as a combination of Seeking Alpha, Coingekko, and a (Crypto)Stockexchange combining informing about and actually doing investments. If this will happen, I am sure it will be worth way over $10 by 2022.

Add in sites like Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC.

Obviously, not all of those are targeted users but some can. Also, how many Twitter accounts exist that are related to finance in some form or other?

A lot of potential users out there if Leofinance offers features that appeals to those people.

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I really see subscription services as having the ability to attract the next tier of quality writers to the LeoFinance platform.

Do you see offering the ability to charge in ETH as detrimental to the LEO token though? Does all of the eCommerce features on the platform need to be priced in LEO to close the economic loop and truly give the token value?

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Not at all because it will end up being paid out in wLEO, not ETH. This means that the LEO will will converted to wLEO before the payout. After that, the individual can opt to change it out however seen fit but, that is always the case no matter what the token is sold for. So LEO turning into Hive.wrap is the same as wLEO become ETH.

That said, it is vital to increase the value of the LEO token so that people have to think hard about what to do with it.

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In less than 12 months here on HIVE, we are seeing lots of developments taking place with Leofinance being at center of it all amongst other developments, give this place another year or two and a look back I think will be amazing.

LEO is just more than a pump in price, I agree!

"Overnight success"

"One hit wonder"

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There was a time when the LEO could be had on Hive-Engine for .025 HIVE. The present asking price is 1.69 HIVE, an increase of almost 70 times.

That's a lot to spell it as a success for leo. Leo has shown example of how dapps can be built and also be success on hive. However, why are they not contributing to the price of hive ?

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Check out Khal's comment in my last post.

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Yeah without a doubt. I had a test run of that. Works like a champ.

I expect an announcement about it this week, at least a beta version. We will see how long until it is tied in.

Exciting times ahead.

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And now with the change in curation.
Should I mention the moon now?

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The moon is old news....Mars is the new moon.

Get ready for a Marshot.

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If we look at Leofinace as a 2-3 year project, where do you think it will be by the end of 2022 or 2023?

Alpha of Centauri.

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I had that pegged by 2024 but then again my astronomy is a bit off at times.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 25 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Your current Rank (31) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 19%


Yeah I believe Leo is a project in the making and I'm happy that all the deFi stuff is coming around that and leo is capitalising on that to rather grow and become well adopted by a lot of people. But then I believe I'm even happy about the developments going on rather than the rise in token price. I hope people who wants to be excessively greedy learn to understand that Leo is it a Ponzi or an airdrop, it's a project in the making like you said. I see steady growth anyways slowly but steadily in the next two years

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Me parece muy interesante esta información gracias por compartirla, Rumbo al futuro exitoso. 👏👏👏

Looking at tokens and the world of cryptocurrencies, I am not able to say where the price will be in the future, but as I observe leo, it is stable. As you said the air will come out of the balloon it's normal but it will go higher when you inflate again. And I want to be in this balloon to the very end. I'm getting optimistic😀

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The future of the LEO token can be very bright and the beginning has shown this (at least until now). I expect the growth to be continuous.

Surely the team is doing a lot to develop things at the backend
Perhaps it is the community level work that could get more people onboard and more viewership to the platform the way ahead

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Definitely a long-term game for the small investor like myself.

With Leofinance, there is a lot to consider with all the development that is rolling out.

That is what I am betting on is the development. With Ethereum looking to change its blockchain protocol; that too may be a factor in where DeFi goes as far as LEO is concerned.

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