Stake It Till You Make It...

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I had a blast today....

Earlier this afternoon @taskmaster4450 and myself hosted our first 'live stream' that we plan on doing regularly going forward.

It was a test run to iron out some of the kinks but also to get feedback from the community...If this was something they would like to see us tackle weekly or bi-weekly.

Here's the recording via Twitter...I forgot to record it lol

One of the attendees this afternoon was my good friend @maddogmike

While Taskmaster and I were going over all the insane things taking place on Hive and LEO as well, he blurted out this quote...

"Stake it till you make it!"

It was brilliant....And here's the context of why I think so ;)

So incase you have been living under a rock, today was a pretty big day for @LeoFinance

They introduced....


You can check out the official release here because honestly, this DeFi stuff flies over my head...But what caught my attention was the middle of the announcement:



...Without confusing us to no end, it was brilliant that Leo made this crystal clear...We have choices, and while they believe a healthy mix of both staked and liquid LEO is best moving forward...We can adjust as we see fit.

And that's how I'm approaching the airdrop....

The bulk of my LEO will staked for the airdrop because, I am fan of proof of stake. It's where I feel I can be the most helpful to other content creators and will continue to curate for as long as I'm on the chain...

But I'm not trying to be COMPLETELY out of the liquidity game. DeFi fascinates me. I know next to nothing but I am learning slowly. So the ability to add liquidity to LEO in this new venture to the Binance Chain via Cub Finance....I'm all for!

However I'm still such a fan boy of staking....

Look what this is going to mean for us that staked LEO over the past few years...A brand new token (errr...Coupon) that we can get our hands onto and play around in the brand new Binance Smart Chain....

Not only that, Project Blank is sure to be coming soon and that's another airdrop....For stakers of LEO!

Oh it gets better and better....

Stake some Hive? You'll be getting the new @threespeak mining token too!

And oh yeah, it also pays you like 3.22% a year....Without you doing anything but....Staking!

Maybe I am the uber fan boy of this blockchain and all the projects on it...But to me, it's the no brainer of no brainers...

Get involved!

Stake your tokens.

Play around in Hive-Engine.

Get excited for what's coming....

2021 is going to be epic...I can just feel it!

Our Token:

Our Miner:

Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:

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Ah I freakin love that saying "Stake it till you make it" I might take it if you don't mind lol

For sure we are going to need to crash course this DeFi stuff asap!!!

LOL It was all @maddogmike He spat it out today and I was like...I'm writing that down LOLOL

Oh man, tell me about it...Like a DeFi for Dummies course!! I'm so confused by it all lol

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The title of this post says it all, @jongolson.

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Thanks man, I've got to give all the credit to @maddogmike for coming up with it lol

This is way beyond me. So they are going to air drop a token which is not really a token but a coupon for a token some where else. I must just be to old to grasp this. For example can we just keep the "new token" on hive and claim it on the new chain at a later date?? I have been reading that you cannot sell your token on hive so you may be forced to go to the other block chain to do anything with the "coupon token"

I am wondering if I should just skip this one and wait for "project blank" and go all in with it? as I have limited funds.

Just put me down as very confused old timer!

Have a great one all

Also those coupons would be able to trade on hive engine in my opinion. It's like land in splinterlands, land isn't released yet and we are given a couoon for it which is tradeable on hive engine. Once land is released coupon can be claimed in game for a plot. Same for CUB coupon it eill be used to claim CUB coin on BSC. Though there would be a last date and one has to claim before that in order to get airdrop.

Ooooooh never even thought of that.

Now that's exciting!

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So what they are doing....Is creating something brand new on BSC (Binance Side Chain) so the coupon will allow us to claim the tokens on Binance....It's a brand new project and as LEO states, they are going to be a project on 3 different blockchains...All kinda sorta working together LOL

What I would do, just stake...That's what I'm doing and only bringing a few liquid over to Binance....Stake it, until ya make it :) (Or in both our cases....Figure it all out lol)

You don't lose out at all by staking, for both the drop that's being snapshotted tomorrow...Or project blank!

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I do not have that much leo 300 and some odd and I have it all staked to earn some more from curating. So I take it I will have to join binance then to get the tokens. I will have to buy some more leo to move over then. Okay thank you you have cleared things up a great deal for me. GEE look at me making longer comments when I have something to say lol

Nah, dont need to buy a thing. Your staked LEO will mean you get coupons for the airdrop...But yeah, you'd have to set up an account on Binance and do all that to claim the drop.

But nothing out of pocket. Free coupons for LEO stake :)

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I too really need to figure out Defi. So many projects to check out it is hard to start, Binance chain makes it easy but something about them makes me go hmmmm..maybe its the Jamaican badmind speaking 😁. But he make it too easy.

LOL Oh yeah man...They are super suspect to me too...Especially after the Tron / Steem drama...But just goes to show how big an opportunity there is for smart contracts...

People DYING to get away from Ethereum and Binance is stepping up big big!

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Yeah ETH really killing us with the fees, that is one major reason many have stayed away from Defi but now.......

Well I bought some BNB the other day and staked it to do some farming with one click and earned DODO 💩. One trend I realize HIVE is behind on is instant un-staking.

Love the quote, simple and elegant, yet right on point.
Loved the vision you laid out during the show - have a stake in so many projects that you never need to sell the actual tokens, just keep staking and use the dividend for your everyday expenses...

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Man that is really my dream...I never wanna sell these things. Just keep stacking them to eventually live off the dividends.

I think that reality could be sooner than we think!

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This play on words just popped in my head from "Fake it till you make" to "Stake it till you make it" when you were saying how you don't sell crypto and are planning for the future where you can live off of the dividends you earn. It just seemed perfect and funny at the time and now looks like the saying can take off. lol

Bro....It was perfect LOL

Marketing genius in fact ;)

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Airdrops are going to make people rich. I think I only did a few posts for the musicforlife community about rising stars and I got about 193 tokens (worth around $20) from the airdrop. I staked it because it's free stuff and I want to help out the community.

The new CUB token, Project Blank and 3Speak tokens are definitely going to be amazing for everyone involved. It pays off for staking your tokens.

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I'm still really enjoying my UNI air drop from last year LOL

I agree...This is what is so cool about crypto, you just never know what's going to be the next big thing....CUB has all the traits of...The next big thing!

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I believe that I'm going to try out DeFi if it's available at humanly available transaction costs. I never entered into it because it was on Ethereum and wasn't prepared to pay the gaz fees. Things look different on BSC... Looking forward to a new discovery journey lol

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Yup, same here...Without having to spend a mortgage payment to get tokens in and out of the market...Will be a plus lol

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I'm a little confused by the airdrop being a coupon/voucher for an airdrop. Got to look into it more but it's exciting to get some free coins :)

Yeah took me a few to get it too, but from what I understand...The new token won't be on Hive, it's be on BSC (Binance) so they need a way to bring the airdrop from Hive-Engine to BSC....Get the coupon (credit) here on Hive and bring it over...

I think LOL

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Ah, i see... Looks like my BSC connected wallet's going to get more action then.

LOL yup!! Mine too!

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Live talk was brilliant, and since its not at 1.00am, i am very happy :-)
I have not yet entered the defi market, but if its reasonable i will get my feet wet.

Thanks @jongolson and @taskmaster4450 for doing the live talk.

Thanks for hanging out man, was cool to have you onboard for a stream!

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This is what I'm trying to do with CTP. I want to stake till I make it to the institutional rank in the next few weeks. Who will dump on me?

LOL I'm sure some people will sell. It's crypto, people have the patience of a 3 year old here LOL

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Stake it til you make it! Nice! I like "Stake and bake" myself but I'm going to keep some LEO liquid to play around with that Binance thing.

I have no idea how it works but I figured now will be the best time to give it a go!

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ha ha ha Stake and bake!

That works too!!

Yeah man, same here....Let's buckle up and see what happens!

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Haha, stake it till you make it! :)

Exciting times!

Hey Jon, where do you get news on 3speak? On their discord?

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I usually just watch for @theycallmedan updates :)

But yup, speak discord for sure!

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Staking is a mindset! I love to see the progress over time when you stake, that's why I started my sports-stake report series!

It's a no brainer. Don't need to think about anything but accumulation!

nice video, it is hard to follow everything that is going on on hive.

unrelated. you need some kind of a landing page or pinned post about the project. i was clicking for 10 minutes and kinda found nothing :D


What project are you referring to?


That's a good point....I assume everyone knows about @clicktrackprofit but need to do a better job of raising awareness. Thank you sir.

first thing (easiest) would maybe be to pin the post explaining the token so it is first when people open the profile.

LOL Dude, I didn't even know we could pin our posts...Wow. Thanks!

learn something every day :D

I don't have the bandwidth to move stuff around at this point.

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ha ha ha ha I hear you man, most of this stuff is so way over my head!

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This is awesome, great to see you guys are going to make this a regular thing.

Grats on the first live stream!

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Thanks very much :)

Yeah it's exciting, and the time slot seemed to work very well!

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That's a great title - pretty much what I do!

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Keeps it simple, and I'm a fan of that lol

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i have mostly everything staked (2k) and liquid around 170 LEO. At first i will try both (depending on how difficult the process will be in binance smart chain, and how i much i understand things :P, but i believe later on i will lean towards one maybe 2 projects.

Truth to be told there are so many new projects and tokens in Hive ecosystem alone. Although this is cool, i think we need more and more people to sustain all of these tokens otherwise the majority will end

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Oh I agree...More people need to be brought into the ecosystem!

I think Project Blank will help that as well!

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It would be good to have an afternoon live feed for people in different time zones or who otherwise can't make it to evenings.

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Seemed to have a very good crowd, and most of the people there yesterday werent from the night shows.

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Hey @jongolson, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

You can see through his sunglasses reflection that he's still writing articles and commenting. I guess it's muscle memory :D
Thank you for the replay, love you guys !

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ha ha ah Yeah, he was multi-tasking for sure!!

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Hey, if you guys that have been around this crypto stuff for a while are confused about DeFi, I don't have a chance. It's all Greek to me.