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RE: Review - Microblogging Platform On Hive

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Thanks for the summary about D.Buzz! I feel kinda special to be included. :) I want also add some additional information for you.

D.Buzz does have a progressive web app (PWA) that was rolled out and released today. (* you can read about it here )

  • "New users will be limited from posting because they have no hive power."
  • If a new user signs up through the D.Buzz on board link (LINK : ) they will automatically get a delegation of HP to start to post and engage on the block chain.

Other projects that we have developed and released, Or will soon be released.

Url shortening for HIVE : LINK :

HIVE.PM (currently in alpha testing, and we are recruiting testers) is the private messaging system built on hive

We are also rolling out a long form content version of D.Buzz.

beyond this there's a lot of other projects that are currently being developed that I cannot talk about yet, but they are wicked cool!


That is cool project, I 'll check . I think it is an interesting project