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Microblogging is short and limited words blogging platform. The most popular microblogging is twitter. Twitter limit the words to 140 characters. is a censorship-resistant short form microblogging platform that empowers you to share your thoughts in 280 characters or less.

Microblogging is demanded by more people because it is a quick platform to send information. With million followers , twitter influencers can deliver a message in seconds. That is why microblogging is a powerful social media to spread quick information.


D.Buzz is a microblogging platform that runs on hive network. The platform has good interface. It allows users to post short words. Besides that, users will earn rewards in hive and hbd by posting in platform.

There are core members of team behind project. They are @chrisrice , @nathansenn , @riyuwe @postnzt , @coffeebender and @jacuzzi . team created some projects.

  1. is the microblogging platform on hive. I will tell later in this post how to sign in using hive account.
    It is a store that accept hive and hbd payment. Currently, the store sell some clothing with hive image designs.

How to use

  1. If you are a hive user, you just need to sign in with your private posting key. While if you are not hive user, you should sign up hive account first here. Then, you secure your hive keys by downloading or copying the key in a secure file.
  2. Start to post
    After you log in platform, you can start to post. The character is limited to 258 characters. You can also upload an image and embed a video from youtube.


  • Censorship is a big issues on centralized microblogging platform. offers a censorship resistant microblogging platform.
  • Users earn rewards in hive and hbd from posting via interface.
  • The data privacy is protected because no central servers that can access the data storage of the users.


  • is a short and limited words platform on hive. The post can be seen in cross network among hive tribes with community hastaging. Using community hashtaging can be disruptive posts in a community. Some communities do not allow too short posts in their interface.
  • is still available in web browsers.
  • New users will be limited from posting because they have no hive power.

How to sign up platform?

This is how a hive user sign up the platform.

  1. Click sign in
  2. Enter hive user name
  3. Enter private posting key
  4. Submit
    You will go to the dashboard directly and you can start posting.
    For new users
  5. Sign up via hiveonboard
  6. After you sign up save the keys
  7. Copy the private posting key
  8. Enter your user name
  9. Paste the private posting key
  10. Submit

END is a microblogging platform on hive that is censorship resistance. You will earn hive and hbd reward for you micropostings in the interface.

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Thanks for the summary about D.Buzz! I feel kinda special to be included. :) I want also add some additional information for you.

D.Buzz does have a progressive web app (PWA) that was rolled out and released today. (* you can read about it here )

  • "New users will be limited from posting because they have no hive power."
  • If a new user signs up through the D.Buzz on board link (LINK : ) they will automatically get a delegation of HP to start to post and engage on the block chain.

Other projects that we have developed and released, Or will soon be released.

Url shortening for HIVE : LINK :

HIVE.PM (currently in alpha testing, and we are recruiting testers) is the private messaging system built on hive

We are also rolling out a long form content version of D.Buzz.

beyond this there's a lot of other projects that are currently being developed that I cannot talk about yet, but they are wicked cool!

That is cool project, I 'll check . I think it is an interesting project

I really enjoy using because it's a simple and nicely packed twitter copy solution. The only thing some people seem to complain about is that it will be shown over my wall and can look a little spammy.

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thanks for the thorough review.
sounds like a big obstacle for new users.
I would expect a lot of quick quitters.

Hi @lebah, thank you for including me on the mention and it is really feels great someone is acknowledging us the team. And also, you can also add @coffeebender on list as well. Since he is our lead developer. Thanks and cheers mate!

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Of course, I add @coffeebender on the team lists

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