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RE: An Argument Against Bitcoin Maximalism and For Support of Altcoins and Alternative Blockchain Projects.

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Well, I met stm with a family friend, then over time I was introduced to Hive and Leo finance.

It is not easy for me to try to tell people what hive is because they are only looking for money and when they don't get it they get disappointed and call me a liar, so I gave up trying to teach my acquaintances about hive.

The only one that has always supported me is my wife, she has been helping me with different topics, when we manage to buy a pc she is also going to create an account and share with everyone here.

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It's funny. Those crypto rewards almost seem like an obstacle to onboarding new people. Everyone thinks you just post and the money comes magically flowing in. They don't realize it takes time and work to create a following and start to earn anything at all.