Balancing Stake And Voting Power on Hive And Leo

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When the Leo airdrop happened, we all were happy to get it, except of course those who are cashing out everything. Leo wasn't the only token airdropped, there were plenty, some valuable, others less valuable. Then the struggle of utilizing these tokens started. Some set up a bunch of alts, one for each token, delegated some hive and put people on autovoter, or trailed some curation projects to earn curation rewards. Then pretty soon the majority of the tokens was worth nothing, only a few were worth paying attention to.

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I've been curating from my main account till now but the truth is, it's hard to balance your VP and you end up wasting your HP and lose on curation. It was just about the time to do something and treat Leo with the respect it deserves.

So me and @cryptoandcoffee have teamed up, set up a curation account, delegated almost all of our Leo tokens to that account and started curating Leo posts. I believe it's the right thing to do in order to help the community grow by using our Leo tokens.

The account is @leoline and at the moment we have little over 1800 Leo delegated. All our earnings will be staked and used to curate. None of us has ever cashed out or sold any Hive. We're here to stay.

I wish users would be more dedicated and supportive. Leo got a lot of attention lately as the price of the token has risen and even though things haven't happened as planned, Leo token has a bright future.

@leoline will be voting posts we both choose as we believe in supporting as many people as possible. Commenting will be done using our main account, even if we have no Leo to vote.

Our first plan is to get to 5000 Leo and grow the number of people we're supporting constantly.

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Anything to increase engagement- and to strengthen the community is a good thing. I'm glad to see that you will team-up while doing this.

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Thank you! It's the only way to help community grow.

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That's a good name for an account!

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Thank you!

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