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From time to time it's necessary to check our current milestones & goals and evaluate where we are overall.

I have been posting consistently here, almost daily for 45-60 days or so, If I remember well during all the quarantine period.

Now the forced barriers to stay at home are 'almost' lifted, and also our daily habits.

Everything is 'fine', when a couple days ago or so watched myself in the mirror:



I didn't remember that I had those eye bags. But hey, it's pretty 'normal':

  • Not the 'best' feeding. Gained some weight (~2kg), but probably lost a lot of muscle which is much worse.
  • 'Zero' intense exercise for barely ~70 days.
  • Almost NO sunlight (I'm a idiot, I know).
  • A bit of anxiety, lack of resting. I'm waking up most days at 8:00-9:00 am while confined my 'average' time to go to sleep was 3-4am. (Best time to meditate IMO).
  • At least I don't smoke & don't drink beer at all. I have some friends who are able to drank ~10 cans of beer daily (without problems, it isn't the exception lol).

When I'm focusing on a single thing, I take it with a lot of motivation. And at least financially I'm in a much better position than most of my environment.

But at the expense of my overall health, energy, mood & body.

Yesterday I was thinking:

Damn, I feel like a shit.

Because is true. And as you read before I have reasons to.

''I can't complain, as I'm not taking care of myself''.

I have been dedicating a lot of time into Twitter & putting up the first bricks of a small website. It's hard but slowly and surely I'm getting into places, the key here is to remain consistent :)

But I noticed that most of my days I 'consume' my inspiration writing on Hive.

Writing for a echo chamber. For me, I'm writing for me. Because it helps me. Not because I have to satisfy anyone.

But currently I'm not helping myself.

My Decision.

I'm going to stop writing here (daily) for a while as I'm feeling saturated.

Instead, I've decided to reorg my Hive Power and I'm going to delegate most of it to @leo.voter and/or @curangel.

Probably 50/50 or so, I still have to decide. The point is to keep my investment, help the whole platform and the projects in what I truly believe.

I'll move ~90% of all my (internet) efforts to Twitter & my own website. I'll try to promote HIVE & @leofinance outside here. I think I can help 'us' as a whole increasing our awareness.

We don't need to convince anyone inside the Hive (and if we need it there are others doing a great job regarding this matter in the ecosystem).

Ps. I need to hit the gym.

Thanks for reading!


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Go get some fresh air, burn your skin in the sun, walk run or bike for a few consecutive days and you'll feel much better, balance is important.
And I agree, we need to promote outside, insiders are already here and convinced :)

Exactly what I need! I need a bit of that balance :)

Thanks for your support. Such a pleasure to talk the other day.

We keep in touch 😉

All the best mate. You know yourself and you’ve gotta do what’s best for you.

One of the great things about our platform is that you’re able to delegate that HP/LEO and take it back when you’re ready to return. No problems :)

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Thank you :)

Definitively being able to delegate our Hive is a great usecase. IMO it feels like 'virtual land' which I can use or rent If I'm not interested.

I won't stop being around :)

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A vegades toca descansar, fer un break i veure les coses amb perspectiva.
No ens hem d'oblidar mai que nosaltres som el nostre millor actiu!
Qualsevol cosa, ja saps on sóc!

Moltes gracies resi :)

Seguim en contacte. El mateix et dic!

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