Last Week Progress - Sold my last (main stack) STEEM, wrote my first ebook, learned a lot about twitter & made some great connections

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It feels great to feel yourself progressing in different fields.

~15 days ago I cancelled all my delegations, delegated all to @leo.voter with my main stake and while I'm not here I have been collecting nice LEO rewards.

My ~20K HIVE delegation gives me ~50 LEO daily, which is a great amount without considering the curation rewards that I receive from my LEO stake in my alt account.


Slowly collecting to reach the 45K LEO first, 50K will come later. I have never been that comfortable with a micro-cap coin like this one.

Yesterday I also received my last STEEM power-down payment and invested half of it straightly into HIVE, putting me on the cool mark of ~22K HIVE.

I also gave myself a little pleasure and invested ~40 HIVE on the freshly released @dcitygame V.2 update.

I recognise that I'm a bit addicted and I'm not the only one. Kudos to you gerber with their superb work.


Regarding my outside adventures, I managed to write my first ebook. Something I'm very proud of :)


I'm giving it away for free through my twitter profile, or you can also download from this link:

I cover the absolute minimum for someone who wants to start with crypto. Basically I talk about:

  1. Introduction to Coinbase as a fiat onramp method.
  2. How to store your Bitcoin with a Ledger Nano S
  3. Introduction to 'Dollar Cost Averaging' or 'DCA'

I'm looking forward to keep writing more & to keep improving in that field.

I also made some great connections.

My follower count is still low but the progress is here. I'm not the king of the engagement and I need more consistency, but I'm slowly growing and that's all that matters.

I also purchased a couple of ebooks from respected authors in the money-making niche of twitter to keep learning.



I could say that I have been enjoying HIVE & twitter lately.
Have a nice week everyone!

You can follow me on Twitter or through my website Wealth Power Time.


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A good advancement in all aspects. well done!

thx for dropping by btw :)

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De res home!

Not bad, but I still don't have enough. I'm capable of more I'm 100% sure.

What about your daily habits? You're still working from home buddy?

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Yes, I am still working at home and I have to say I am pretty satisfied for that...I have to go to the office from time to time.

Pushing it all around!
Congrats on the book as well.

Thanks :) I can't complain at all, time has been productive lately.

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I downloaded your e-book, it was a solid read. Cheers.

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If you need help or need to clarify any doubt, let me know!

Through here or twitter as you wish.

Ps. I hate Coinbase btw

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It was a busy week for you. Great to see you so committed to Leo. This is something we need to see happen in a 10x way.

The more people with the same attitude you have, the less likely this will remain a microcap token.

For the time being, getting numbers is vital.

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I appreciate a lot these words coming from you mate. You're a reference here.

Thank you so much.

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Really productive week y friend!
I will try to find time to read your ebook!

No need to hurry! It's a very beginner-focused guide. You already know all of the included content.

If you can give some feedback will be highly appreciated.

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