Another milestone: 50K LEO reached!

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I knew it was coming, but not that soon.


Yesterday had another of my rants and moved some funds to purchase the remaining ~10K LEO which I needed.´

Being quite frankly I'm not that patient with that low liquidity markets, but only because I'm buying to hold in the long term (years, If possible) I don't mind paying a premium.

I did quite a nice hole in the order book, destroying the 0,2 mark and drilling into the 0,22 a few times. Seems that the market is slowly restoring to 'normal' levels (until someone decides to keep buying).


It was also 2 am, and my body asked for a very needed rest, for that reason decided to not wait and pull the trigger.

And yep, finally reached another milestone and smashed the 50K.
Maybe a 'high risk' bet, but I love low market cap coins for that reason. Not much downside possible, infinite upside.

You can fail ~10 times. You only need to be right 1 time.


I have been talking with @trumpman and I'll be probably starting a curation initiative for Spanish content in Leofinance.

I'm frankly sick of seeing that amount of junk in my native language (& for that reason, I prefer to stick with English).

More on this later.
For now, I'm just going to enjoy my LEO power.

Thanks for reading!


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Nice one does that make you a Leo whale?

The market cap of LEO is still very little. ~200K mcap aprox.

10K LEO is enough to put yourself in the top #100 hodlers. Something that can change very fast if a couple dozens of users decides to dump ~1000$ or so into the LEO market. We're a very active community which likes to reward good finance content.

Have you tried to post from If you start tag me and I'm giving you a juicy upvote ;)

You can't resist, I know.

Ps. yes, technically I'm a whale :)

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I come there to read from time to time. Not smart enough to write on Leo :p congrats on whale status

If you change your mind let me know.

If you're using brave try to remember to turn down the shields of the web browser. You'll be helping us all and the ads aren't invasive at all.


Have a nice day!

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With a circulation of 4 million coins, I'd say yes! Yes by far.

Congratulations for the milestone!

thank you :)

Nice job Bro...that was fast.

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Sincerely I cannot wait.

I have the 'bad habit' of scheduling my purchases as a long term DCA and I was 'horrified' to see that if I waited much more, the remaining ~10K tokens could take more time than expected to accumulate.

Seems that markets are proving me right!

Thanks for dropping by Thomas :)

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Shit! This has been so fast, now you are officially a whale and one of the most staked Leo accounts.
Congrats crack!

La dinàmica de LEO sempre m'ha agradat en el sentit de que es 100% 'user driven' i el discord sembla més un grup d'amics amb un interès comú que no una 'corporació'.

El token té una circulació limitadíssima i per això a la que hi han 4 compres mal comptades el preu es dispara de la manera que s'està disparant.

Tampoc tindria problema en que el preu es quedés baixet, ja que si delegues HIVE a @leo.voter reps un ~16% anual en LEO. Ho has provat?

Merci per estar Resi ;)

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Si, el preu es dispara a la mínima amb LEO.
El tema de @leo.voter el vaig probar amb una alt account que tenia. Fins i tot LEOM o LEOMM ara no ho recordo.
Un 16% està molt bé!

Congratulations, you Leo whale, you! :D

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Hi! (haha)

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