RE: The World Is Yours?

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I would not say the world isn't ours, cos it is

But those niggas who just want to bill the hard workers in order to feed the lazy ones ought to be out

I mean even the scripture pointed that, a man who doesn't work, will definitely have to be poor and miserly

so anyone who is just laying around, and hoping that manna will fall off from our hard work should know they are clearly wasting their time

right now, the crypto portfolio has gone viral, but some doubting Thomas is yet to join in and grab some bags

They would rather stay home and judge those who are willing to stay destiny into their own hands

The shit about cutting 39% of our earnings for the poor is so fucked up, that those making those rules should be scraped out of the

here is our decentralized system, their centralized system should continue to enslave those who are willingly to be enslaved and not us

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