The World Is Yours?

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Each time I look around, all I see is how much things have changed, and the funny thing about it all is how the world has chosen to react to the change. There's a saying that nothing changes around you until something changes within you, and that's the choice to embrace the revolutions that falls through.

I recently stumbled on an article about the "tax" increase on the rich men incomes, and for whatever shit reason that may have been made to look presentable, I only see it as an absolute "robbery"

It's not fair to Bill a millionaire so much, like you trynna make 'em go broke again? For the poor they claim, like fuck there's so much money already available to take care of that, or wait,

Who are the poor?

At some point I do wonder, everyone has a different grace, yes, but it's always there, so when a nigga can't utilize his, then stays poor, why some the rich have to pay for him afterwards? Is it really fair to Bill those working hard for it, just to feed those just laying around?

The financial System is changing, crypto is revolutionizing the world, so for the heck of it, we are still preaching, and here we are building millionaires, and there, the "no coiners" are laying back, then we then gotta pay roughly 39% for em bitches? Doesn't sound like something I would wanna do.

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The World Is Yours?

Nas has got to be one shout out to the world, about what sort of money is in here. Back in 2013, Nas' investment blew up as read, just because he's a rapper, didn't stop him from being wise. His investments on Coinbase is now something to sing about, literally. Listening to his recent track ft Jay Z titled "SORRY NOT SORRY"

WHERE NAS called himself "cryptocurrency Scarface" so he practically got gold in his sorrows? That's some shits in rags, at least back then it was all a joke, but do we still see it as a joke?

NFTs took this system to a new level, Lotta artists got involved, popular rappers like Eminem banging in with something to take two looks at. Point is, the world is "ours" ; that's just what decentralization is all about.

When will Getting Paid Finally Make Sense…?

A lot of people tend not to understand "government" totally ruled out the system of "everyone has a voice" or "everyone is relevant" better still "liberty and transparency" Na na, it was all thrown to dust as Centralized took in.

Getting paid and paying roughly 39% and more, just cause some authority is greedy and making me pay for some nigga that can't get his butt of the floor and hustle? In real sense it's sorcery…

Feeding the poor isn't bad generally, but why do we gotta pay so much? Why always billing the citizens? Why always mad when niggas in the streets are making it? Why do they always wanna run everyone back to square one?

Decentralized Finance is a stepping store, store your wealth in cryptocurrencies, so many online stores currently accepting it, so it's only easy to get through life cashing out in bits. The world is yours, own it!

The Government don't give two fucks about you, not about your process, not about your health, they only after looking good so we keep entrusting our funds and future to them.

Starting a rebellion is only fair, plus when Nas mentioned that they have got to be more of "us" here, it was obvious he was telling you all forks to jump in and grab a bag or more, this ain't no joke less you be choking, soon…

Thanks for reading this far, all comments are most welcomed

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I don't know, but blaming the poor or the 'negga' for the tax increase is looking at the situation from the wrong side. Governments usually apply this tactic to recover some of the money they give away to the banks and Wall Street, which as we know the rich are specialists in evading taxes and the poor do not have the resources to pay them, the middle class is the one to keep the funds that the government uses to balance fiscal expenditures.

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Well cryptocurrency is starting to make things better. However you gotta remember crypto is still new comparably to a system that's run for the last 75 years taking peoples wealth. So the problem is the corporations and governments are almost exactly the same thing. In their Corporatism not free market capitalism .. but "corporatism" the victims are always the middle class.. lower middle class and poor. That is because taxation always impacts them the worse. Now if i was to take into consideration a healthy economy.

It would always be the one that worked the best for the most citizens. Who are the rich? The rich are the corporations because eventhough the rich and more privileged have found a way to take the heat off them by saying its the corporations and the government. The reality is the rich own the corporations.. lol. They are the government and the companies, lol.

Why? because their money controls the political system as we have mostly money in politics. It's not a money free democratic political zone. So it's a game and the people winning guess what are the least affected. Now why billionaires get up here complaining about the system taking all their money compared to middle class and poor people is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard really.

Seeing that again their union with the government is complete. There is no seperation so what are they complaining about. Now i can see the middle class having an issue but those rich people. I'm just going to say rich people because there are no companies and governments its just people. The rich own all that corporate stock in america and half the country. It is no entity outside of them its just them and the middle class and the poor. The rich whom got all this money locked up. Thats what it is.. So yes they should be paying more as long as they have a foothold like they do with companies and lobbyist and so on and so forth.

Yes crypto has just began to give us a vision of what the future can look like. However to state it like its already happening. Well let me be honest the most optimistic people in crypto are whom? The people at the top of the pyramid. The most optimistic people around here on hive are the people with the most upvotes. of course then they'd have a narrative like everything is great now we can just do this etc.,

The problem is the vision of crypto many speak of is an optimistic vision of the future. The success stories in crypto are still very much a minority picture. The distribution rate of crypto is still worse than the ugly systems we trying to leave behind. Crypto is still worse than our standard economies far worse. Remember bitcoin is being bought by whom? The same people who own everything now so thats not retail investors. Thats the same ole thing and the people who need to have possession of the valuable cryptocurrencies demographic wise class wise.. still look worse than it does in our standard economy.

So yes we have a vision of the future we never had before. That is good. However we're far from there yet. We certainly aren't close enough yet to be talking about its unfair to be taxing rich people or even richer people. I'm noticing people in crypto complaining about taxes on their millions of dollars. lol.. Well my friends you are still the minority in that conversation. It is still only about 5 of you guys. Nas is one still rich artist and not many people are like him.

So we got miles to go before we sleep. We got miles to go before we sleep. Before we can look at crypto as a real solution for the economic woes that exist in our economy. Yes taxation is fair until the rich and the government stop their bromance and collusive corruption and manipulation on the average citizen.

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This is crazy, I mean this is an entire post churned out as a comment, and I give you credit for this

@mykos, I must say I agree with you. The very rich folks that we are talking about, bypass paying those government taxes by forming corporations, even if they run into damage, they find their way out of paying for the damage through their corporate units.

They are the same people who own and run the system, and we are yet to reach the financial, and decentralized dream of ours

As you said, the people who are beaming with smiles around the crypto portfolio are the big dogs, even here on hive, those who are optimistic are the ones gaining the most upvotes

The rest of the population can be classified in the poor category as long as they are yet to reach the top

Yes we still have a long way to go from a centralized economy to a decentralized one

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Yes i think the confusion is many believe that this is the same capitalism that existed 60 years ago. In the 1950s to 1960's there was more of a purer version of the capitalism that i believe many are thinking of. That was a version of capitalism where families and communities were more valuable people were more wealthier.

Your boss cared more about you there was a more social cohesion with moreso the people in a more well distributed way owned more business and production. So around the 1980s things changed. Greed and corruption became dominant forces. Unlike ever before. The concept of " greed is good" emerged unlike ever before.

So then it became what you may deem as corporatism and it's most extreme form its now turning into "neofeudalism". So the confusion is they think they are practicing a more free market capitalism and they aren't. So they defend it generally through far right propaganda think tanks unfortunately. However you only need to look at the data over the last 50 years to come to the conclusion its not working and something is wrong.

Crypto because its still very new is playing out similar to what happens in our standard economy. Thats why you see all these big companies and institutions buying up bitcoin. They want to repeat the past. The other issue is that we have to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes in crypto we did in our standard economy. How we do that is by not bringing those same ideologies that don't work here. Some economic theories that get applied from the standard economy into crypto we should leave back there.

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The other issue is that we have to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes in crypto we did in our standard economy. How we do that is by not bringing those same ideologies that don't work here. Some economic theories that get applied from the standard economy into crypto we should leave back there.

@mykos, I am sorry to bother you sir, but can you explain this point. What are those theories from the standard economies that should not be brought into the world of crypto? Thank you for responding in advance



I would not say the world isn't ours, cos it is

But those niggas who just want to bill the hard workers in order to feed the lazy ones ought to be out

I mean even the scripture pointed that, a man who doesn't work, will definitely have to be poor and miserly

so anyone who is just laying around, and hoping that manna will fall off from our hard work should know they are clearly wasting their time

right now, the crypto portfolio has gone viral, but some doubting Thomas is yet to join in and grab some bags

They would rather stay home and judge those who are willing to stay destiny into their own hands

The shit about cutting 39% of our earnings for the poor is so fucked up, that those making those rules should be scraped out of the

here is our decentralized system, their centralized system should continue to enslave those who are willingly to be enslaved and not us

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