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RE: Top Paid Authors on Hive VS Steem! May 2020

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Nice stats. It's amazing how one person can milk so much coins.

If it's possible I would love to see my HIVE rewards and also the rewards of my wife @grivisa.


Hey @eddiespino!

Your HIVE equivalent author rewards for May is 398 HIVE. Note this is with HBD converted.

@grivisa account doesn't exits .... you may have a typo there

Thank you! Yes, I made a typo, it's @grisvisa.

@grisvisa = 545 HIVE equivalent author rewards for May 2020

Ohh she beat me! Just kidding! Thank you very much for the information. Every month we are closer to living the dream. My wife is an illustrator and we were able to buy an iPad Pro all with our crypto winnings!