Top Paid Authors on Hive VS Steem! May 2020

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This will be most likely a last report of these type where a comparison is made between the top paid authors on Hive VS Steem. @arcange is shutting down the SteemSQL database so no more Steem data. Except if you get it directly of the chain 😊.

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Anyways a lot of project are shutting down from Steem, or transitioning, so it is for the best to stop paying attention to it in the future. Also, with the 4 weeks power down period a lot of the users will exit soon.

I will probably do one or two more comparison reports in the coming days and that will be it. Only Hive exclusive in the future.

A second month after the HF and a lot users have exited Steem, so this data may show some representative picture how things will be.


Let’s take a look who are the most rewarded authors on Hive for May 2020 are. Here is the chart.


Disclaimer: This numbers are approximate and not totally accurate. HBD rewards has been converted to HIVE for simplicity.

These are the top 20 rewarded authors on Hive. Only authors reward included, no curation rewards.

On the top is the @hivewatchers account with almost 7k HIVE equivalent earned, second is @oflyhigh with 6.6k HIVE equivalent and on the third place @jrcornel.


Here is the chart for the top payed authors on Steem for May 2020.


Note as for HIVE, here as well SBD is being converted to STEEM for simplicity, so these numbers are for STEEM equivalent.

@haejin is by far the most rewarded author on Steem for May 2020 with almost 22k STEEM equivalent rewarded. Next is with 7.5k STEEM equivalent and @shortsegments on the third place.

When we put the data from both blockchains in a table it looks like this.


Note on the disclaimer above that HBD/SBD is being converted toHIVE/ STEEM for simplicity, so these numbers are for HIVE/STEEM equivalent and are not exact.

What can be noticed from the above is that the top rewarded authors on Steem are getting paid more than the top ones on Hive. The top 20 authors on Steem have a total of around 98k STEEM equivalent, vs the 60k HIVE equivalent for the top 20 authors on Hive.

All the best

p.s. If anyone wants to get his/her HIVE authors rewards for May, hit me in the comments.

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I would be very curious to see a similar chart for average post values. Some people on the list publish multiple times per day, some less than once per day.

Yeah. Look at @claudio83 in particular. A lot of sub $10 posts and in the top 10.

I'd like to find good authors I'm missing by average post value. This favors the very prolific over the infrequent but awesome quality.

It is also worth noting that HIVE is worth more than STEEM and is thus a better reward for the same amount. It would be better if this chart had been converted to USD.

This looks good for Hive I think - the pool is being shared more widely it seems.

Yes ... a better distribution

It would be interesting to see what the list looks like 21-50 and how much more spreading out is on Hive compared to Steem.

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Since you asked..


Congratulations @shortsegments

I think we should redirect the whole inflation towards taskmaster and few others, after all they are the only ones who earn something here.
Im not being jelly, but writing 3 posts per day is annoying to say the least.

But who gives a fuck, eh? We're all waiting for that bull to emerge. Lol

Regardless, nice to see some numbers :D



Nice stats. It's amazing how one person can milk so much coins.

If it's possible I would love to see my HIVE rewards and also the rewards of my wife @grivisa.

Hey @eddiespino!

Your HIVE equivalent author rewards for May is 398 HIVE. Note this is with HBD converted.

@grivisa account doesn't exits .... you may have a typo there

Thank you! Yes, I made a typo, it's @grisvisa.

@grisvisa = 545 HIVE equivalent author rewards for May 2020

Ohh she beat me! Just kidding! Thank you very much for the information. Every month we are closer to living the dream. My wife is an illustrator and we were able to buy an iPad Pro all with our crypto winnings!

I don't blame you for discontinuing the comparative analysis, that looks terrible for Steem!

Yep ... and less and less support from other community tools

Thanks for the stats but I for one just want to move on.
Steem just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

I had an account on steemit during 2017-2018, lost interest initially, (so discontinued it)
I got interested on Hive and seeing these stats now, it looks like distribution is far better here. Steemit looked very centralized and kind of like very few people earning huge amounts of money while new authors used to get peanuts :P
So I'm back here with my new account! :)

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Good luck!

Some interesting data here. From what I can see anyways, Hive is a lot less disproportionate in its author rewards, and it looks like all authors are getting a more even amount of engagement and curation from users. I guess one thing to take into account, is the price difference between HIVE and STEEM. In any case, it looks like HIVE is steadily getting better attention, with a wider diversity than the types of content you'll see on Steemit nowadays.

Thanks for sharing :-)


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Nice to see so much of HIVE a person is earning in a month!!! Some familiar names are among those who are earning 2K and 3K per month.

Can I request for my stats if possible? I just wanna estimate how much I can earn from my blogs in my country currency after getting the details of HIVE from you.

Thanks in advance :) Good Day.

Sure ... its 239 HIVE equivalent author rewards only with HBD converted

Thank you, appreciate the details :)

Haejin. All the rewards, zero engagement.