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RE: Hive Rewards Distribution System: Good, Bad & Entitlement

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Voting is such a volatile subject on #Hive Everything from "My posts don't earn enough!" (Guilty as charged) to "There's a conspiracy to wipe out my stake in Hive" I have seen one individual use his voting power to attack anyone who has said anything positive about Steemit in the past so that no matter what that victim posts immediately they're downvoted. My good friend @steevc is downvoted on every single post he releases, I presume by the same individual?

In an ideal world, it's a good concept to let people vote on stuff. Sadly, not everyone is touchy-feely nice.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Oh, is that why Deinproblem has down-dooted me? I liked steemit when I first joined steem!?

Bah, and here I thought I finally made it. I thought I earned my first dude who randomly downdoots me for insignificant sums of money because he doesn't like me.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

lol. Deinproblem downvotes many. But those downvotes are meaningless, and don't lower the rewards at all. I think I get those downvotes on every post, or used to. I don't pay attention.

I actually like the deinproblem's downvote activities. Kinda creates emotional immunity to the downvotes in general.

Dunno? I suppose there are lots of reasons? I was just stunned when I asked the Witness why he was downvoting them and somehow the Witness had twisted the logic to say that because his victim said nice things in the past about Steemit then they deserved to be victimized downvoted on anything they produced from now on which kinda stunned me on a couple of levels tbh.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Most of the downvotes I get are insignificant and from someone who I helped deal with a couple of years ago. That is just part of the system. There are those who are really nasty with their downvotes and aim to wipe out rewards of people they don't like. That can drive good people away and the community ought to help out there.

I keep saying that this is the wild west and anything goes.

Part of the reason I want to see Hive grow is to decrease the effect any individual can have by spreading the vote more.

If/when SMTs happen, we can experiment more with different models. They would give power for sub-communities to decide how rewards are distributed in are more meaningful way.

Core rewards pool still works fine. There is always room for improvement. Requires participation, engagement, and networking to collaborate on improvements. After all most investors/stakeholders would care more about increasing the value of their holdings.

I think the key is the Users. Improve user experience, bring in masses, everybody is happy.

I see people saying they want the rewards system to change because it does not suit their needs, but there has to be some compromise. I don't think it's too bad. We do need big accounts to help in getting rewards where they are deserved and not just to the 'usual suspects'.

Users are definitely key. It is supposed to be a social platform after all.


The starting point should be that nobody really deserves anything. Whatever people get as rewards is just a nice bonus.

But I do understand where you are coming from. We are building something amazing for people, it requires attention to users and creating a user friendly environment and great user experience. I do believe that is the key for success. If this is solved, stakeholders will be super rich. Win for users, win for stakeholders.

But what you are asking requires objective curation and a lot of work. In a protocol level, anybody can upvote/downvote as they wish. Nothing wrong with that. But we also have a social level that we can network and convince large stakeholders divert their influence certain way. It requires campaigning, networking, and convincing. Usually it is not difficult because end result of successful platform is a net gain for these stakeholders.

Curations projects like Curie, OCD, Curangel, tribes, etc has successfully done these things. But they come with a lot of effort.

I think we are in a good place and heading the right way. We can continue improving together. Great ideas will get support needed. Just need people to do the work.

I 100% agree with you that user focused vision is the right path for Hive.

I do not take my rewards for granted, but I am lucky that people consider me worthy of their votes. If Hive thrives then we all do well, but greed is an issue and we have to be open about that. People will try to game the system and we get to decide if we let them.

I have mixed feelings about some of the curation projects. Powerful accounts have a lot of influence on where rewards go, for good or bad.

It is all a big experiment that I am happy to be part of.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I understand the sentiment. We are emotional beings, and emotions react first. Downvotes are not natural for us, so we perceive them as a personal attack at times. However, attack or not, downvotes are justified even with zero reasons, even with intent to hurt someones rewards. As I claimed in the post rewards pool wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the stakeholders small or big. As such every stakeholder have a right to cast their votes as they feel.

Sooner users understand that no reward is actually reward until it is paid out after 7 days, better will be for everybody. But it is not an easy task convey this message, due it being something we are not used to. Even after we understand the core protocol concepts, we still take downvotes personally. Just a human nature. I don't have solution for that. All I can say is, this is a game. We lose sometimes, we win sometimes.

I think what gets people's backs up more is there is a financial implication to it. I suspect if the Crypto rewards were not there nobody would care but then again nobody would be using Hive probably. LOL

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

You are right, rewards system is one of the key selling features of Hive. If no rewards maybe there wouldn't be as many people using or none at all. But at the same time the idea of owning the platform is appealing to many. There are many experiments still going on with games, with tribes. Who knows what will come next. Great opportunities here. We just need to keep talking and see if we can make something that attracts masses.