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RE: 29/09/2020 US 1st official Presidential Debate. (Food for Thought)

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I was gonna write about Quebec politics but I've never been there. 🤔

God bless Venezuela.


Thank you @dandays. :)

Your blessings will be very well received by all my people dear friend!

Oh! and I hope to see you later soon again everywhere but Somalia and the land of the free with no free health care. };)

Good morning, you're very welcome. I was very fortunate last year. My wife and I toured for two years up until July this year--the one we're living in, I forgot the numerical sequence of the current year, all I know is it's a shit show. We spent a good amount of time in Central and South America and, unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to engulf ourselves amongst Venezuela culture--next time!

So I have no basis to judge your country, not that I would anyway, I save those judgements for destinations I've actually stepped foot in and then I get downvoted the shit out of and yata yata yata bla bla. In fact, the only thing I really know-know is my good friend Qusay from Syria is dating a Venezuelan woman--she's a sweetheart. I miss them both.

Somalia, however, I can only go on what documentaries tell me. I suppose I could mirror instafaceagrambook or whatever they're called but I've never spent a fraction of a second on those platforms--documentaries it is! They're typically viewed on television screens, the same ones people consume and then regurgitate as though it's factual. My best way of avoiding that is not own a TV which we've managed to do for several years now but I'm not gonna strreeeeeettch the truth, @por500bolos, those things are frikkin cheap nowadays!

About 4 of them (TV's--I'm rambling about TV's now) big ass 75" TV's are about equal in value as one month of medical coverage here. 😉