29/09/2020 US 1st official Presidential Debate. (Food for Thought)

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«-Will Hidden vs Trump Grump-»

You're not supposed to pay taxes if you know what you're doing. Trump is smart. He pays smart accountants, the smarter lawyers and his corporations are only based on states and countries with laws that help him keep more money on his pockets.

That's what billionaires do best. Use the laws on their behalf and that is what he will do in any field. ¡Any field! Even with the supreme court case. Write it down!

And then, if anything.

Also comes the arbitrary financial sanctions to an awful lot of countries around the world. With their blatant theft of money, tons of gold, financial resources and other values deposited in bank accounts owned by these same countries abroad.

And the continuous blockade, harassment and absolutely illegal hijacking and illegitimate seize with the consequent misappropriation of many institutions, properties, possessions and humanitarian aid that whether it could be fuel, spare parts, food, medicines and vital supplies for these nations in frank economic chaos and the dire need of their population for their basic survival. Due to their crimes.

Humanitarian aid which many other countries in solidarity try to contribute and collaborate to mitigate the dire situation of these sanctioned countries which has been unfairly, unjustly and arbitrarily admonished by USA out of pure ideological, political, geopolitical, economical interests and glaringly unacceptable whims.

They end up blocking, hindering and like good pirates snatching and looting all these goods from the ships that transport said goods to these countries. And then, out of the blue, they decide to auction it off only among their buddies, cronies and partners in crime to the highest bidder with ill-gotten gains exclusively for them.

Yeah! the live televised vice presidential debate will take place on 7 October 2020, at the University of Utah. The next presidential debate will be held on 15 October 2020, at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. And apparently, the last official presidential debate will be on 22 October 2020, at Belmont University.

Then, supposedly the general presidential elections will be on November 3, 2020.

Again, I certainly believe that no one should miss the debates of all the candidates. Come them from where they come and represent who they represent. At the end of the day, almost all of them has been cut by the same scissors. You know?

Therefore North American brother. In my opinion, I believe that perhaps you are still on time to better analyze the ugly present situation so that with your choice and small contribution, you can also contribute to building a more supportive, fair and better world. Not an easy task, I know. But you definitely have to try.

Because in reality, there is a big fat difference between looking and observing.

The one who looks simply directs his gaze towards some particular place. But he who observes, always stops his gaze to ponder, detail and analyze what he is looking at. What are you? A true observer or one who only looks?

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You're not supposed to pay taxes if you know what you're doing.

Tax avoidance is quite legal. Tax fraud is not. When Trump leaves office, he’ll be indicted for the second.

When Trump leaves office, he’ll be indicted for the second.

Haha well, let's hope that we don't have to wait four more years to find out if that's even possible.

I was gonna write about Quebec politics but I've never been there. 🤔

God bless Venezuela.

Thank you @dandays. :)

Your blessings will be very well received by all my people dear friend!

Oh! and I hope to see you later soon again everywhere but Somalia and the land of the free with no free health care. };)

Good morning, you're very welcome. I was very fortunate last year. My wife and I toured for two years up until July this year--the one we're living in, I forgot the numerical sequence of the current year, all I know is it's a shit show. We spent a good amount of time in Central and South America and, unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to engulf ourselves amongst Venezuela culture--next time!

So I have no basis to judge your country, not that I would anyway, I save those judgements for destinations I've actually stepped foot in and then I get downvoted the shit out of and yata yata yata bla bla. In fact, the only thing I really know-know is my good friend Qusay from Syria is dating a Venezuelan woman--she's a sweetheart. I miss them both.

Somalia, however, I can only go on what documentaries tell me. I suppose I could mirror instafaceagrambook or whatever they're called but I've never spent a fraction of a second on those platforms--documentaries it is! They're typically viewed on television screens, the same ones people consume and then regurgitate as though it's factual. My best way of avoiding that is not own a TV which we've managed to do for several years now but I'm not gonna strreeeeeettch the truth, @por500bolos, those things are frikkin cheap nowadays!

About 4 of them (TV's--I'm rambling about TV's now) big ass 75" TV's are about equal in value as one month of medical coverage here. 😉