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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average? | Is there a correlation between post length and payouts?

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Interesting analysis @dalz!

I remember someone running an analysis on readership vs. article length on writing site HubPages many years back and the conclusion from analyzing 100,000's of posts was that there were actually TWO "sweet spots" in terms of article length vs. page views/time spent. One was 500-750 words which is your typical "news story" or quick update... and the other was 2,000+ words, which gets into the territory of thorough research article.

What you found here with rewards as the metric does seem to somewhat bear that out.

Long isn't always better, though. Long is only meaningful if there's truly some "meat" there to be read.


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Long with meat has 2k as recommendation because it’s ideal for so-called “cornerstone content” in Google.

550 Words has been the minimum recommendation for “bloggish” updates for years already. That’s a number which has incrementally grown from 250 ca. 2007-2009 to 550 around 2013. Dropping below that number does make a negative impact for sites with a decent editorial strategy and some years of DA already.

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The majority of posts (85%) are in the range above... 500-1000. So Hive seems to be following the typical "news story" in most cases.