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RE: Attention Economy: LEO will be crawling with scammers during the mega-bull run.

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It's pretty dope that the scammer was uncovered . Also leo whales are called ikrons and toruks Don't ask me why :)

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I know why 😃

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Tell us how did you come up with the names

Have you ever seen the film AVATAR?

Please see my older posts, here

and here

and even older, here (specially the comments)

LEO is a cat
And this is fact. So seems logical to have our level names from cat's pedigree. This is a cat's world.
Can we enrich this all with a few bits of mythology? Why not? Why not a flying cat?
I google'd a bit this morning, and look what I found about "beasts" on planet Pandora
As Jake Sully said:
TORUK is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up?

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Thanks for the clarification, the Avatar was so generic plot-wise that I don't remember much of the film except the hype before the film, that I can clearly remember lol. In conclusion leo whales are actually flying cats :))))

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