My Netbox browser experience so far compared to Brave

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Netbox is the next best browser that rewards its users next to Brave. In the last two months, I noticed that the brave rewards have dropped. I have not been getting enough ads every month like how I used to get earlier. But that's a separate story about Brave which I will try to cover in a different article. This article is more focused on my Netbox experience so far.

Coming back to Netbox, it is one of the most comfortable browsers for me next to Brave. Sometimes Brave is not very comfortable because of its private window mode. I will find it difficult to browse certain things on Brave private window as it filters out many results. That is when I needed another browser as an alternative. But after seeing these browsers that rewards the users, I did not want to get back to Google Chrome.


I can say that Google Chrome is no longer my browser in both mobiles as well as desktop. I stopped using it several months ago. When certain things are not good in the Brave browser, I switch to the Netbox browser where the incognito mode is almost the same as Google Chrome. Sometimes I feel that some websites are not loading properly on Netbox but that is okay as long as I have some alternatives.

When I initially started using Netbox browser, I did not have enough comforts like how I had on Brave. The reason could be because I had a clear mindset that Brave is rewarding and it blocks ads for me so it is the best browser and all other browsers were always next to that. But later after I slowly started using Netbox as well for some of my activities.

As the rewards have started reducing the Brave browser in the last two months, I was thinking of using Netbox more compared to Brave and see how Netbox rewards. Unlike Brave, there is no necessity to click the ads to receive rewards from Netbox browser, our browsing activity alone provides rewards on Netbox browser which is a very good thing.

When we see lots of advantages on Netbox browser, there are also some disadvantages where the browser is not available as a mobile application or for platforms other than windows.


Unlike Brave, Netbox is a pure blockchain and the reward distribution model is also very interesting where there are four types of rewards distributed per each block.

  • Masternode Reward - People who run masternode can get this reward.
  • Staking Reward - People who stake NBX tokens get this reward.
  • Activity Reward - When we browse using the Netbox browser, we get this activity reward. It is distributed for activities done using the Netbox browser.
  • Team Reward - I guess this reward goes to the team for all their efforts.

The reward distribution visibility is very clear here as all the data here is on a blockchain. On brave browser, everything is broken. I'm not saying this to harm the reputation of the Brave browser but the fact is the history of reward distribution is not maintained properly and the pending rewards displayed in the wallet page is also incorrect. On the Netbox browser, all the data is on the blockchain and it is visible to everyone. The transactions can be seen through Block explorer. If you are not using the NetBox browser, you can give it a try using my referral link.

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Looks like a cool thing 👌👍

Yes give it a try. 👍

i have downloaded and was using it. But its slow compared to other browsers while opening a site or browse. Lately i have not been on it, but will revisit it again.
If you have any tips on how to improve / optimize please do share

The base for both the browsers is Chromium web browser. Google Chrome, Netbox, Brave are all just wrappers on top of Chromium web browser. So I guess there shouldn't be any big difference in performance.

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