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I am reading this late as always. Feels like I can never catch up with you, Asher :)

I don't remember who I was discussing this with earlier. But when we do project management, and we are half-spend compared to the budget, we will likely get fired. This is simply because, if a corporation allocate some money for a project as a budget, and that money is under spend; then two things must be happening:

  1. Planning was inaccurate; that money could have been spent elsewhere in the corporation as multiple projects compete for the same limited budget.
  2. Proposals that could benefit the corporation further, was stalled due to mismanagement of fund

This raises multiple questions. Hive is not a corporation, and nobody allocated the funds in DHF. It is semi-automated, and stakeholders only votes proposal to get funded. Therefore, there is very limited functionality.

Although I am aligned, that many proposals can be funded, however, I still struggle with what is currently funded and the cost-benefit ratio. For example, currently Proposal #68 for Vessel Wallet is funded for 150 HBD/day. I understand its a nifty tool. I even recently saw an update on it, regarding an option to include it within Ledger Nano wallet. However, I ask a simple question:

how many users does Vessel wallet has?

10 - 100 - 1000?

What is the purpose of a desktop wallet where majority of the hive users stake remains powered up and integrated with front-end UI?

This is just an example. I am not singling any individual or proposals out. If we can't have a merit-demerit discussion about a proposal or its utility publicly, we are doomed.


Better late than never, or not at all if you don't have the interest/time :)

I am aware of how company budgets work, and it seems that in the places I have worked the end of year has at times been a panic to allocate funds to projects just to keep the same budget next time.

That of course is not how the DHF works. 'Money' not spent is pooled back into the fund and there is no overarching entity that will reduce next day/week/month/year's allowace. In fact, there is a stack of HIVE (old Steem accounts) that some of could be added to the budget in the future.

I mentioned to Taraz today though, I am (despite popular opinion) more inclined to throw some HBD to the wind and see if we can't get a nice shiny phone app or some Brave advertising, for example. Even with Justine's and BT's proposal receiving funding, we are way under the daily budget - why not live a little and see if we can get in a solid position ready for the next crypto boom. And if that boom doesn't come, well we are all doomed anyway :)

Value is just one proposition, the other one is definitely the utility. Just because a proposal is out there doesn't mean we need it. Throw away all the HBD you like, no problem. But help me understand, why we always need a crypto rally to bail us out? Why a project is so dependent on the price of the underlying? If the product is good and it is needed I will support it regardless of the price of Hive.

True, we will not need them all, and I think most will not get the funding they wish for.

I can't help you understand much :) But it has seemed to me that if there is no interest in bitcoin, there is no interest in any other token in the space - nothing has managed to unhinge itself, yet.

Also what steem INC did with their funding is interesting and valuable to me. But I am sure you are not suggesting we use a corrupt and failed corporation as a benchmark, do we? Just because we forked out of them, we don't have to do everything like them :)

I am sure we can do better than that.

I tried my best not to suggest and merely present, but may have slipped in the final paragraphs :)

I'm glad you are sure, because if not we are buggered!