The REAL VALUE of INDEX token . What is 1 INDEX actually worth?

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Good morning to everyone , I was listening to the @jongolson and @blainjones crypto mondays and they were discussing about how some were selling off INDEX at a low price .

On one hand I was like , please continue doing that because I need to buy moree but on the other side it would be unfair if they don't really know what INDEX is and what it is worth so today I will try to explain the real value of 1 INDEX token .


What is INDEX ?

In order to understand the worth of INDEX token you must know what it is -

The HE-Index is 100% backed by the tokens it represents. That means if the token represents 1000 LEO tokens, it will hold 1000 LEO tokens!
We regularly review all the top performing tokens within Hive-Engine and select the top tokens to represent the token. This is based on volume averages over the history of each token for a set time.
For every INDEX purchased, a weight is given to the individual tokens represented, INDEX then purchases the corresponding weight of each token.
100% backed by every token it represents!


What tokens are inside the INDEX ?

I have recently posted about this on my blog which explains

  • What tokens are within INDEX
  • What are the proportion of each token
  • Tokens worth in USD

and more . Check it out here
or you can go to official website and see it too -

Worth of 1 INDEX - calculation

Let's now jump into the calculation part .

If you read my post mentioned above or if you checked out the holdings page of the official website you will get to know that INDEX holds a total of 13 tokens right now .

13 tokens but each varies

  • in proportion
  • in type ( some are gaming tokens , some are dividend yielding tokens etc )
  • in USD value .

Now how to calculate 1 INDEX value ?

1st - There are 53,004.578 INDEX in circulation which is in various users wallet . Reference

2nd - The total USD worth of all the tokens inside of INDEX amounts to - $6,157.918 Reference

3rd - Let us convert the USD to HIVE -

At current price the total value of tokens inside INDEX in hive = 6157.918 / 0.116 = 53085.5 HIVE

Note- The 6157 $ value is not constant and 0.116 $ is the value of HIVE while posting this , which is not constant too

4th - So now to calculate each INDEX worth in HIVE we divide -
Total HIVE / Total INDEX
= 53085/ 53004
= 1.0015 HIVE

So 1 INDEX is actually worth a little over 1 HIVE right now . In Hive-Engine market it is being sold at around 0.9 HIVE .

Please correct me if I am wrong in any of the above steps .

Regards ,

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Undervalued :)

But then again I'm very biased LOL

Thanks for doing these reports....It's great to see INDEX holders talking about it and sharing it with others!!

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Yup, undervalued .

You are most welcome , I love the project so I am very interested and equally excited to show others what INDEX actually is.

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Shhhhhh... let them sell cheap! 😁😉😉

Lol I am sorry :(

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Thanks for the great breakdown! I have just recently been starting to pick up these tokens. I hope to get decent number of them by the middle of the year. It is hard because I have been putting a lot of my earnings into LEO. So many great projects, I am not sure where to invest it all!

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Most welcome @bozz .
I know it is difficult to choose between many great projects to invest , same dilemma here . INDEX or @lbi-token 's LBI or LEO or Dcity ?

That is what makes Hive second layer great :)

Indeed, it is! I've got a little bit in each of them and I think it is going to come back to bite me eventually. Might have been smarter to go all in on one.

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Hm not really I think you took the right decision. It's good to diversify but yes I always hold majority in one particular project .
Like say 40% in one project and 60% in many other projects .
It's not yet late you know :)

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i got around 100 of the tokens! i hope to see them gaining more value throughout the year

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If the tokens within INDEX gain value then automatically INDEX gains value . Since INDEX holds top tokens in hive-engine I see that it can be very profitable in future ( also let's not forget about the dividends ).

I have buy some index token

Awesome :)

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I was surprise about a week ago it went down to below 0.5 Hive. It did not take long for people to realize it was cheap than. I did not have liquidity to invest so missed that drop. Hope maybe it goes down again sometime in the future. doubtful.

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Yup I just bought a bunch of them and sent over to @srmallara wallet .

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It's still a good time to buy to be honest.

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Okkkk I'll buy some INDEX I understood ;)

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lol I am glad :) But its not a financial advice though ;) Don't sue me if anything goes south .


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How could I sue someone offering some wine ;)

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The wine can be used as a bribe then , nicee! lol

It is in my world at least haha

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