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RE: FungiFriday - Coexisting

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there are always some that I like more than others.

so, what are the criteria?
orange shrooms?
or tiny shrooms on a hair-thin stem that one really cannot focus on them? (I love both varieties, too.... and a lot of others!..)
or you simply can not tell but feel that in the certain moment when you see it?


For me the answer is 'shrooms that smile and photograph well! @qwerrie 🍄🍃🍄

thank you! ofcourse, when there is a smile and eyecontact, and a good chemistry between, portrait could not turn out wrong :P

Your most recent and truly incredible post featuring many smiling Fungi Friday mushrooms (read by clicking here) validates your theory perfectly! @qwerrie🍄🍃

I like the ones that photograph well :p
So cool shape/colour and growing in accessible place with good background :D
Of course some just always look good no matter where the grow. Like the very thin inkcaps.

i have a great experience of shooting one yesterday in the morning! it died, literally, in a few hours, under my sight. will make a several posts of it.

Yeaaa that's the ones! They are so pretty and so short lived.