FungiFriday - Coexisting

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mushroom orange stump 4.jpg

It is not a secret that I like shooting mushrooms. All kinds. But there are always some that I like more than others.

I found those very large orange ones growing on very old, almost falling apart tree stump. They found some gaps that would hold more moisture and some organic matter and boom! Lets grow :)
Those are one of those favorite ones. The fact that they grew so beautiful and big, bright orange colour and the contrast with dark, wet wood - perfect!

mushroom orange stump edit.jpg

It was a nice big lawn with some overgrown grasses, few pines, some cork oaks and eucalyptus trees. I found all those mushrooms in a rather small area. Some prefer taller grass, some were hiding closer to the trees.

We should learn from them.
They are all different.
Sharing one place.
Coexisting in peace.

small mushrooms grass 2.jpg

mushrooms grass 3.jpg

small mushroms grass .jpg

Those tiny brown ones were cute. Growing on a side of some soil pile.
So small I could hardly focus on them.

brown mini mushrooms soil .jpg

My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

I hope many of you will join as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, I will check and report stolen images!)
  • add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
    That's all :)

small mushroms 3.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos, graphics and text are my own.

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I dont really like mushrooms, so I rather appreciate them in your pictures that are great 😅

oh, indeed? I just posted some toxic mushrooms that should be appreciated exactly this way: visually! so, you are welcome. @themonkeyzuelans

Haha! I'm glad I dont like either because I wouldnt know. I'd be like... "Oh nice colors, must taste good" 🤣

he, he, he. not necessarily :P

there are always some that I like more than others.

so, what are the criteria?
orange shrooms?
or tiny shrooms on a hair-thin stem that one really cannot focus on them? (I love both varieties, too.... and a lot of others!..)
or you simply can not tell but feel that in the certain moment when you see it?

For me the answer is 'shrooms that smile and photograph well! @qwerrie 🍄🍃🍄

thank you! ofcourse, when there is a smile and eyecontact, and a good chemistry between, portrait could not turn out wrong :P

Your most recent and truly incredible post featuring many smiling Fungi Friday mushrooms (read by clicking here) validates your theory perfectly! @qwerrie🍄🍃

I like the ones that photograph well :p
So cool shape/colour and growing in accessible place with good background :D
Of course some just always look good no matter where the grow. Like the very thin inkcaps.

i have a great experience of shooting one yesterday in the morning! it died, literally, in a few hours, under my sight. will make a several posts of it.

Yeaaa that's the ones! They are so pretty and so short lived.

Ooo those orange ones look like jackolantern mushrooms. They might actually glow very faintly in the dark with a long camera exposure.

Ohhh my. Pity they don't anywhere closer I would go in the evening to check on that.

If I find one this year I'll bring it home for a photoshoot.

I like to take photos of mushrooms. I also love mushrooms themselves. and I loved your mushroom shots. sharp, colorful and eye-catching. congratulations my dear friend

Thank you!
Mushrooms are good :))

Really cool detailed photography... Love your art too :)
Have a nice day..

Thank you very much :)


Yo kitty!

Just tried porcini mushrooms yesterday and they were nice :) they look a bit like this but not such pretty color :D (kind of whiteish).

Ohhh Porcini are nice. It is the one time I would pick in the woods.

@ewkaw, i dont use discord rn and cant read your message. sorry!