Nerd By Northwest #224 – “Agent of Temptation”

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The Matrix has more than just one way to deal with troublemakers...

Nerd By Northwest #224 – “Agent of Temptation”
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So then, who does this second-rate Agent Smith work for anyway? Well humor me for a moment and let's imagine this setting:

Out there is a large, varied group of banking interests, defense contractors, mega-corporations, media moguls, and certain billionaires & mega-millionaires who really like things the way they are. Many of them differ in some of their agendas or goals, but they ALL get to manipulate the system at our expense and thus ALL have vested interests in keeping this dysfunctional status quo going. And imagine that the best way to do so is by contributing heavily to BOTH parties (so you have influence over whoever gets voted into office) and encourage partisan bickering to keep the people too angry, divided, and distracted from noticing who is screwing them over the most. These big players are not nearly as interested in which party wins as they are in making sure everyone picks a side and spends all their energy hating the other team. And so maybe it's in their interest to have goons like our agent here ready & able to bribe, co-opt, or intimidate those who are spoiling their racket.

That'd be quite a pickle. Thank goodness I'm just making all of this up... right? 😉

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"Um... yes?" Ha!

It's a good joke, but I do feel a little bad. I mean, lumping in Republican & Democrat party leadership with Lucifer? That's really not fair, is it?

Yeah, I probably do owe Lucifer an apology... 😁

I like the idea of candidates having to wear sponsor patches like racing drivers. All donors should be public. I hear the Kochs have been running US politics for a while. Murdoch also has a lot of control. Sad state of the world...

If that happened, I think it would shock people a little to see how many big donors they have. But it would probably shock them much more to see how many elected officials from opposing parties have the EXACT SAME corporate donors. Pretty telling indicator of where most decisions are REALLY made...

Politics should be transparent. These people are supposed to represent the voters, but if others are paying for influence it has to be in the open. More transparency could increase public trust that has been lost.


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The left blames the Kochs. The right blames Soros. Both are actually small fish in the grand political pond.

Name names then! You will need to show your working of course.

The conspiratorial response would be, "If they were such a big deal in the first place, we wouldn't even know their names!" But on a more serious note, I'd like to see the people who claim they hold so much sway present their evidence. How does it compare to CitiGroup and other banking interests, Boeing and other "defence" interests, the medical conglomerates, etc? Feel free to poke around.

Obviously big companies have influence as well as some wealthy individuals. Areas like defence and oil are bound to involve corruption. So much for 'drain the swamp' :(