Five Minute Freewrite: Working Hard

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Working hard.

Working hard or hardly working?

I don't mind hard work that is work I enjoy doing. Too much of "work" is just what we do to pay the bills. Or what we do to get others to see our work. Or something. Thoughts and fluff and such and don't you want to lay down on this soft pillow in my brain?

Lochlan calls pillows blankets. He's never slept with a pillow or a blanket so I guess he doesn't really have much of a concept of a pillow. Pillows are made out of fluff. Or foil. I had this pillow made out of foil balls and it was my favorite pillow until I had to recycle them for money. Work I didn't want to do, to pay the bills, to buy the soup, to eat the toilet paper.

I once ate a whole jar of marshmallow fluff and grew down into the place of toadstools. I came out a tree with a bunch of ants and the june bug stuck me to its leg and off we flew, bumping into people's heads at a party, sending everybody indoors without their masks on. I am sorry for the part I played that day in spreading the virus. But, really, they shouldn't have been having a party in the first place.


Love your nonsense

That is an imagination at play!! Bravo!

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