Guarding The House

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I went thru my photo folders to clean my computer up a bit and to throw bad photos to the bottomless abyss of the digital garbage can. I was just about to delete this plain and dull photo of an old building when I thought that there was something weird in it. And it just didn't let me be. I thought that I saw something moving from the corner of my eye but couldn't point out what it was. Couldn't quite see it. Eventually it started to bother me so much that I went to get another photo of the same building at night and boy oh boy was I surprised to see what was lurking in the shadows of the daylight photo.

Waiting for the sun to set.


Actually, I'm pulling your leg. But only a little. The creatures did not just emerge right away when I got there. I waited and waited and waited. And after a while when I thought that this is it, not gonna wait any longer, I was freezing and my fingers were numb, I put my headphones on, clicked the music on from my phone, was ready to go and as the first song that my phone played was Dancing In My Dreams by Tina Turner, bushes around the house started to move, floorboards and roof squeak and out came the creatures. I forgot to plug in the cord (thank you, not wireless headphones) to my phone so the creatures heard the song too.

So there we were, dancing in my dreams. Looping. Repeating. Over and over again. Dancing In My Dreams.

Out came the creatures! Their essence captured in NFT Showroom.



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I love the creature. I love Tina :)

Thank you! Yes, Tina is awesome. :)

Nice :-)

Thank you.

You gotta love creativity! Glad to have rediscovered your work.
I don't think I'd ever heard this Tina Turner song.

By the way, what brand of wireless headphones do you have? I keep breaking all my wires and I'm tired of it.

A hug from Portugal!

That song is one of the most beautiful songs Tina has. So it's about time you got to hear that one. ☺

Actually, I wrote in my almost true story that the headphones are not wireless. And in real life too, I don't have any wireless headphones so can't help you with any good brand suggestions. 😎