Sun Pavilion - Cacti and Succulent Garden

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The Sun Pavilion, covered with clear glass, is an outdoor garden featuring one of the largest collection of cacti and succulent plants in Southeast Asia.

I took a walk through the Sun Pavilion, and the garden was just as amazing as the brochure said. Fans of cacti and succulents will surely love the place - the amazing desert-like landscapes. There are supposedly, over 1,000 desert plants comprising some 100 different species and varieties.

Here are some photos from my visit. Where possible, I have named them. I don't know much about cacti or succulents. Some of the cacti or succulents have information about them, but there are many I couldn't find a sign of.

Agave Guienola
2 agava guiengola 2.jpg

Aloe Divaricata
3 Aloe Divariacata 1.jpg

3a Aloe Divariacata.jpg

4 Cardon 0.jpg

4a Cardon 1.jpg

Common Tree Euphorbia
5 Common Tree Euphorbia 1.jpg

Ferocactus Histix
6 Ferocactus histix.jpg

Grey Ghost Organ Pipe
7 Grey Ghost Organ Pipe 2.jpg

Madagascar Ocotillo
8 madagascar Ocotillo.jpg

Madagascar Palm
9 bmadagascar palm 0c.jpg

9 madagascar palm 0a.jpg

Senita Cactus
10senita cactus 2.jpg

Silver Thicket
11 Silver thicket 0.jpg

11aSilver thicket 0a.jpg

The rest, I am afraid I know not their names.








Some fun facts about Cacti from the Sun Pavilion

Cacti are mostly from the Americas, while succulent Euphorbias come from Africa and Madagascar.
Cacti get their name from the Greek word "kaktos", which means "thistle".
Cacti can survive from 15 to 300 years, depending on the species .


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Thank you!

It is amazing!!!

Thank you! 😊

I guess those sculptures that are supposed to be brought in are not there yet.

Oh - I don't know about any sculptures coming to the Sun Pavilion. I must go and have a look again.

They are supposed to the domes and outside too but i don't remember when.

I see.