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RE: Merry Christmas, Dear Hivers | Cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You By @manujune

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Merry Christmas and thanks for this wonderful gift!!! I loved your performance, so much energy, enthusiasm and good vibes! I'm very glad that your dad, also an excellent member of the Hive community, invited you here and I'm glad you joined and made so many great posts this year! Looking forward to much more from you, in 2021 😀


Hello!! 😁
Thank you! I'm superhiper glad you liked it! 🤗
I'm happy for being here too!
There'll be more of @manujune in this new year, and the good vibes will be always present! 😉 (Unless I write a scary story, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense, haha)

Merry Christmas!! Feliz navidad!! 🤗❤️🎄