Church Side - Monomad Challenge [3 Photo-Versions]

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Hello Dears!

Today I would like to join in the Monomad Challenge, a completion reserved to the monochromes photo launched by @monochromes. If you would like to know more about, visit @monochromes blog. Thank you @brumest and @monochromes for your efforts.

I took the photo in the last weeks, while I was biking along the road in Vallecchia. I stopped near the little Santo Stefano Church for a short break and I saw this beautiful particular. I decided it could be a good entry for the monomad challenge and, at home, I added some levels to enhance the shadows and the lights, a vignetting and a soft grey to make brighter the image.


As usual, I created other 2 images. The first is a color cover. I used curves, saturation, vignetting, and a level above to obtain more attenuated colors.


The last is a monochrome image with a color tone in background and attenuated colors in the foreground.

I hope you enjoy this post. Follow me if you were interested.

To the next! :)

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Very interesting shots, thanks for sharing!

Thanks to you for your appreciation 😉