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@tipu curate :)

Why posting a full color image as your cover in a black and white community? 😒

... so the rest of the post is a black and white surprise ... and it makes sense with the story ...which has black & white in its focus ... but it needed to start with some colors

I think this "Image not shown due to low ratings" it's absolutely not right, deeply wrong and totally short-sighted, narrow-minded, maybe even feeble - minded move... yes it is.

Have you even read the post? It's about black and white ... it starts, and it ends in color ... but all the long, important stuff in between it's in black and white. And it makes sense ... in that context ... and definitely it has a lot to do with this community ... c'mon, don't be so petty ...

You chose to post in a niche and very specific community called Black And White Photography. A community with only five rules, where the first one reads "Full color images stay at the door" and the fifth "Any user publishing colored images will be muted".
Assuming you even read them, which part of those rules didn't you understand?
And then, and quoting your own words, WE (the team) are short-sighted, narrow-minded feeble-minded and petty. Gotta love the irony...
You can now continue with your pseudo-eloquent monolog if you wish. You've been muted in the black and white community for disrespecting our rules and team members.
Have a great day.

:D Thanks for the explanation, have a great day and enjoy your very specific community.

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