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RE: The @KidSisters' Initial Thoughts Of Splinterlands

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So the initial spellbook may not be enough to play the game properly. Good to know, because I'm still on the fence of spending that $10.
Thanks for sharing your initial thoughts. Looking forward to the results after the additional packs.


Well, she did earn back that $10 in a few days, but that was from adults supporting her and sending gifts/cards, etc. You and I wouldn't be so lucky. I just like to compare it with posting. If she spends two hours on a blog post, she can earn up to $3, but if she spends two hours on Splinterlands, she may earn a cent or two at best, so the two really can't be compared.

I think Splinterlands will be a break from blogging, and something to keep her entertained on Hive, and of course she can blog about her Splinterlands experience too. !ENGAGE 20

Combining it with posts about the progress would be the smart combination indeed.
I think Splinterlands is one of those things where you need to invest quite a lot (time and money) first before it starts getting profitable.

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