The @KidSisters' Initial Thoughts Of Splinterlands

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The @KidSisters have been playing Splinterlands for over a week, and I wanted to share their initial feelings about it.

Dad, It's So Hard!!

     Well, the first thing that the @KidSisters noticed was how hard it is to complete the quests in a day. I make sure to limit screen time for things beyond education, and gaming is one of the things I rarely allow more than 15 minutes a day, and an hour or more on the weekends.

     I thought spending the $10.00 on the Summoner's Spellbook was going to kit out the @KidSisters pretty well and get them going. After 20 or 30 losses in a row, I could see the girls losing interest in this game.

Hard For Dad Too

     I thought there was some kind of strategy error, so I decided I would sit with the girls and guide them through some battles, only to find I suffered the same problem, back to back losses also causing my interest to wane a bit. I used to play Magic the Gathering as a kid, and this is way simpler than that, so it wasn't an error on our behalf.

More Skin In The Game

     Something I noticed right away was that first tier (Bronze III) can have them battling anyone with a rating of up to 1,000. Because they are just starting out, an opponent with a rating of 900+ quickly tramples them in a battle, and there's no strategy to combat that, and there is no strategizing during gameplay, something I quite enjoyed as a kid playing MTG.

More Skin It Is Then


     The lack of in-gameplay strategy is probably a bonus, especially when it comes to getting kids interested and keeping things simple. It's already challenging enough the way it is for our girls, but another positive is that Splintercards are functionally the same as Hive-Engine tokens, meaning they can be bought, sold and even leased.

     This makes me feel okay about letting the @KidSisters invest some of their HIVE earnings into the Splinterlands cards. After all, it's probably quite boring for them to see their HIVE sitting in their account not being used for anything tangible to a kid.

     They have 30 liquid HIVE which we will use to buy several packs of cards tomorrow in hopes of increasing their chances of building a more powerful base with which surely more battle wins are to come, and hopefully keep them interested long enough to see if Splinterlands is a game they want to stick with.

Stay tuned for @KidSisters Splinterlands updates...


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Monkey B



You can get the packs a bit cheaper on hive-engine and transfer them into the game. But if you buy in game you will get inclusion in the chance for airdrops.

I bought a few packs for her using both methods, little chance for an airdrop with how she's purchased, but at least she's eligible. I'm impressed at the amount of support she's gotten. !ENGAGE 20

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Well, in everything we do in life, the starting point is always hard. They will have to endure and cultivate passion to get it done. With time, they will be used to it. Glad they are investigating on this game.

I can definitely see there are some educational opportunities in this game, and my teacher brain is always looking for these. It's true, the beginning is a bit tough, but then again, so was Hive blogging, and now she's pretty comfortable with it. Little sister is still overwhelmed by Splinterlands, but she does enjoy watching big sis play. !ENGAGE 20

Haha, that's cool. So far as they learn a lot from it, they can go ahead other then wail away their time doing things that are irrelevant or won't add value to them.

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Yea, this is something that I've been trying to bring up - there needs to be a bigger division between Novice and Bronze. The $10 starter has some okay cards, but you too readily get paired up against opponents that you have no chance of winning against due to card power.

In general, Fire is probably the strongest set of cards from the Spellbook - at least in my opinion.

I agree, and it was a frustrating period for my oldest daughter. She was definitely wondering how the game can be fun if all you do is lose, even when you've made the best possible arrangement.

Thanks for the tip about Fire, although because our daughter is Khmer, she's hooked on the Khmer Princess card, so Forest/Green is her favorite. !ENGAGE 35

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So the initial spellbook may not be enough to play the game properly. Good to know, because I'm still on the fence of spending that $10.
Thanks for sharing your initial thoughts. Looking forward to the results after the additional packs.

Well, she did earn back that $10 in a few days, but that was from adults supporting her and sending gifts/cards, etc. You and I wouldn't be so lucky. I just like to compare it with posting. If she spends two hours on a blog post, she can earn up to $3, but if she spends two hours on Splinterlands, she may earn a cent or two at best, so the two really can't be compared.

I think Splinterlands will be a break from blogging, and something to keep her entertained on Hive, and of course she can blog about her Splinterlands experience too. !ENGAGE 20

Combining it with posts about the progress would be the smart combination indeed.
I think Splinterlands is one of those things where you need to invest quite a lot (time and money) first before it starts getting profitable.

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Keep us posted how the kidsisters do in the game.

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Will do, she's made a post about the journey so far, and she's already recorded a video about Splinterlands, too, but the new HF and the node problems have made it nearly impossible to upload to 3Speak at this time. Thanks for the support @monster-curator. !ENGAGE 20

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