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RE: My new project to help new players: Creating tournaments!

in Splinterlands2 months ago

This is a great idea.

I have been encouraging new players to join and the feed back I get is like you said if they just buy the spell book they find it hard to get anywhere and a lot just give up.
This is in stark contrast to those that spend a little money on the game and get some packs. To help them battle. These people tend to enjoy the game and stick around.

Also I have encouraged new players to play tournaments. But the feed back I have gotten from players starting out is that they struggle to win battles. I feel this is a mixture of not having enough cards and experience or card knowledge.

I am now live-streaming games on theta as often as I can to both onboard new players and help new players gain knowledge.
I also know that @clove71 live streams On twitch and @kennethbosak on YouTube. These are both worth watching to gain knowledge and win cards or packs.

It would be great if Splinterlands could also give the option of novice starter pack tournaments. In these tournaments you can only use the cards you get from the starter pack/ spell book . This would give new players the best chance at scoring some DEC.

I wish you all the best with your tournaments and hope that our new upcoming Splinterlands players will benefit from this.

Have a great day!