woman in a cafe

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mayyyy (1).png
Sometimes at the end of my painting, I wonder what I will write.Why are my words lost?
However it is a work of my practice.I've been trying to paint women's faces since I started working digitally.This work is one of them.
This work is done in the clip studio paint.
try to do the job by dividing it into three layers.The main reason for the paint of this image was the use of light inside the image.
but I couldn’t quite put it right But I will try.



55555 (1).png

mayyyy (1).png

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This is stunning. Very great piece.

thanks for your compliment dear. 🙏🙏🙏

She looks like a south asian woman.

yes she lives in bangladesh.

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thank you so much dada.These are my random work done for practice.It's a real joy for me you find something aesthetic.

Nice composition. Lots of lines leading to her face. Really captures a mood as well.

thank you very much @dabeckster.
I have maintained the rules of third composition here.and l see your work it's also great man.you did some nice oil colour landscape.

Thanks @artistparthoroy. I'm working on being more deliberate about simplifying my paintings and have a clear focal point. Good to connect with other artists on Hive. Thanks for your support and follow.

you are most welcome @dabeckster.
hive Very good platform to bring everyone together.

I like it very much

thank you 😇😇😇