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Hi @Nerday and Geeky Post Lovers

We have more then 300 Subscribers and more then 200 Active users every-time. Mr Franky(Nerday-dovelper) launching soon Nerds Points you will get Points also if you use https://nerday.com/ to post.
As a COMUNITY _ MOD @adikhen and ADMIN of this community @nerday.com decide to we should Appreciate every user of this community. with Specials Tags. That show your Love our community

How you can get Tag.

in start we are going to distribute Tag as a VERIFIED ARTIST
for those who are most active in our discord and most attractive User on the art Basic.
@elenasteem @andrianna @maonx @tezzmax @ezunjoshy
@zanoz @artographer @maxwellmarcusart @emsonic @betzaelcorvo
@elvlogdedany @masummim50 @onyechi @created @livingfree @alexa.art


Follow these only 3 steps to Getting #nerday-Tag

1.. Follow ahdy-K and Nerdayapp at Twitter

2... This Post must be Re-blog with your comment.and prove your Love
3.... Join our discord and ask for Get Verified with Media-link

You can apply for Nerday verifed artist in our discord nerday-Community Discord


Feel free to ask anything and join us at Discord any other user can join us we WELCOME you

REBLOG AND UPVOTE is best way to appreciating



Thanks for the mention.
This community is very supportive for artists like us

Yes why not

I would like to apply as a Verified Artist. Thanks.

You are also amazing

Thanks. Hopefully I make the list of NERDAY artists some day.

We also appreciate you @adikhen and the nerday developer, Mr Frankly @nerday for developing and maintaining this community. For the badge? It's a nice development. It would be an honour to have it.

Welcome and thnks again we also appreciate your art

Wow! Thank you for the mention. The nerday community is doing their best and rewarding members according to their content. 300 Subscribers? wow. I still remember when I joined we were just 100+

Yes you are the great we love you

Thank you, but mine has been verified long ago.

If you post in nerday-community tag will show there only as a verified artist

Greetings that good I am going to put my data so that they verify me.
In which option of the discord the user's data is placed to be verified

This community is growing and I appreciate all your efforts @adikhen, this is a wonderful improvement and having this badge would be nice

Nerday is a very nice community. Thanks to everyone who contributed to its formation and development. I am sure it will reach much better places in a short time.

Yes with The support of all you buddies

what a great event. I like this community and I hope I can post more on it more often. and get my verified artist badge.

Badge is under process we can give you tag only as nerday-community verified artist

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Upvoted and reblogged, i am happy that this community going so well. :)

Yeah with your support my friend

@tipu curate 3

Friend @adikhen It is with great joy that I celebrate the creation of a new space for us lovers of the arts and the creation of artistic content! Thank you for thinking of us!

Haha good

thank you very much for the mention.

  • This community is great, and it will grow more and more every day.

You are the great

Greetings I like this community, because I like to design and also crafts. I hope to share with all of you some of my publications.

Wow this is a good innovation, i will love to apply for the verifed Artist


I did be glad if am granted.....thanks

Yes why not