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RE: Testing The Waters And A New Design

in NeedleWorkMonday3 months ago

Girrrrrrrlll!! This bag is so CUTE!! 😃 You betta go on and sew!!! 😄 Look at you! It’s been too long I haven’t come to visit and I am so glad I did today! Seriously, this bag WILL sell, the design is beautiful! I love that you are using recycled supplies too. Do you know your price point yet?

Thank you for showing us some of your process, job well done my friend. Thank you so much for posting in the NeedleWorkMonday Community ;D


Lol, hello there my old friend, redhead as me 😁, long time no see. Many thanks for the nice words and encouragement. I'm really glad you like the bag, it's my favourite so far and am planning to make more. I'm still thinking on the price, it's an undecided question.
Yes, I'm reusing, recycling, upcycling every piece of fabric as my motto is stop waste. Also I'm working on being a good member of the NeedleWorkMonday community, trying to help as much as I can and now with the OCD incubation project I'm hoping I can contribute as much as I can by posting quality content and engaging.
It's good to see you on here, I hope you're doing well. Take care my friend ☺️

I know, it’s been awhile. You are so welcome!! I really do love the bag!

You already are a great NeedleWorkMonday member, anything you add to that is a bonus! ☺️😍 Thanks for all you’ve done, I appreciate all of your interaction and always looking out for new opportunities we can be apart of. It really means a lot!

Well I had planned to make a slow return later on this Fall but from the looks of it I’m somewhat back but behind the scenes (after submitting our community to the OCD incubation) only for now lol. You’ll be seeing me around and I’ll be curating more too! 🤓

Awww, that is so sweet! 🤗😍
I'm looking forward to seeing you more around here and also to supporting the community every way I can. Look at me, it looks like this community is my home now 😁
Take care and see you around 😘

Yay! Home sweet home! 🤗

You take care too, I’ll see ya around ~ 😘