Amazing Nature | A Philippine Brown Shrike In My Neighborhood Mango Tree #1

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Philippine Brown Shrike

Twenty-five days ago I saw a Brown Shrike bird resting in the Mango tree in the Philippines it's called 'Ibong Tarat'. The color of that shrike is color brown, the color of their eyes is black and I noticed their beak and tail is a little bit longer. Using my phone and my 18x zoom telephoto lens I captured that beautiful bird. The location of that brown shrike was a little bit far but thanks to my telephoto lens I captured that bird looks very near to my location.

If you can hear the sound of that shrike is very loud they just like calling to each other. As I mentioned above I saw that brown shrike in the mango tree of our neighborhood located at the back of our home and front of our roof deck. The brown shrike resting at the top of the mango tree attached to a tiny branch looks like waiting for someone or maybe looking for food. You can see all those photographs down below.

Here's are the closet photographs of the Brown Shrike I captured using my 18x telephoto lens and I also used the 2x optical zoom.

Here's are the images of the Brown Shrike without 2x optical zoom.

Philippine Brown Shrike

Camera: Taken by Realme 5 Pro
Lens: Apexel 18x Zoom Telephoto Lens
Category: Bird Photography
Location: Antipolo, Philippines
Date Taken: April 07, 2021

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