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RE: Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge -#4/1/21 - CLOSED

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Oh, that is challenging. ☺


That's why it's a Challenge :-). You will definitely find traces of birds somewhere and write a story about them :-)


It snowed here and the only tracks I saw were from dogs and cats around my home. Around my office no tracks of birds either. Still, if I'll find something, I would gladly submit my entry.

I look forward to :-)

indeed! this week all of our snow has melted, (you may check the photo I've posted yesterday!) there are lakes of icy water all around... and theres no traces on the water, ehehe. But I love challenges! Cheers - !WINE

Footprints can be found elsewhere than in the snow :-)
It is true that no imprints remain on the icy water.

when I travelled to Ladoga skerries islands (it often happen around mid-June), I remember I found a lot of animal's traces - their defecations (I think they were hares and black grouse) - but I didn't take photos, and have nothing to show!


Challenges come when you least expect them :-)

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