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RE: The backyard today

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Love The Nature!
Lots of snow though!
Keep Warm and have a Very Blessed Mid-Week!

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Were you OK during the cold weather?

Hi There!
Actually, No...
I was in the center of the Texas Disaster...
(It is too stupid to continue to live here...)
Anyways.. Short story...
No power 3.5 days, temps in the low 20's at night,
Busted water pipes - because they turned off the
Other problems as well, and all My tropical plants are gone..
"Lesson Learned" on many levels...
Anyways, how did You do?
I am sure it was much colder there, since I am.almost in Mexico...
Stay Warm, Safe, and Blessed!
Good to see You!

Oh no. Will any of the damage be covered by your home owners insurance? What a mess. I am so sorry.

It was brutally cold here but we expect it during the winter and are prepared. I have a natural gas fireplace and kitchen stove that would keep the house warm enough if I lost power. I have a well and have plenty of water stored in case my pump won't work. If I know there is a danger of losing power I fill buckets for toilet flushing. And I also have a spring in my yard that provides water year round.
A down coat and wool blankets and hot water bottles... I would be OK.

I am horrified by all the suffering the entire state of Texas has gone through.

Thank You!
I appreciate it. When I lived in NJ and Germany I was also mostly prepared for Winter šŸ„¶šŸ„¶šŸ„¶
Could have happened here but they lied to us...
They told us you "may" experience rolling blackouts...
Yeah, that happened once the night before they turned off everything..
Even worse...
The Stores, jobs, and Mega-Rich never lost power at all...
Needless to say, this event (and really many others, because this "IS" how Texas is anyway, storm or not), has excellerated My want to be "out if Tex-Ass before Sept. at the very latest!
If I list My life, moving to Texas is probably in the top 5 worst things I have done, in so many levels...
Anyways - "NEVER Move Here"!
Yeah the pictures are nice, and that's where it ends!
But wish You a Very Blessed Mid-Week!
Stay Safe & Warm!

Wow. I can see why you are disgusted. No worries about me moving there. In all my travels it is a place that I have avoided. I had to drive across the panhandle to get to New Mexico and then to get home again, but that is my TX experience.
Where would you like to move to? NJ again?

Now it's a toss-up,
Nj or Southern Cal.,
I gu as right now I have to generate some
cash, and let that dictate the next step.

Yeah avoid this place, they "can" act normal,
But their not!