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RE: The Financial Infrastructure Behind The U.S Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

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I saw that UN NWO BS song a week or so ago, that is truly fucking creepy!
WTF! Why is Blocktrades flagging you dude?


Hey TP my man! Great to have you stop by and bless my post with a guest appearance .. must appreciated dude. :)

They have certainly become increasingly brazen .. from a psychological perspective, it's now at the stage of programming .. they did have a UN NWO website when this all kicked off .. but I think they felt it might be a bit too early and so pulled it .. for now. Keep an eye on the page and see if it returns ;)

In terms of blocktrades .. I imagine it's because he wants to keep this post (and the last one) off the trending page. Still, I can't say I'm losing sleep over it lol What will be will be. ;) I drop you a mail next week sometime and have a catch up!