The Financial Infrastructure Behind The U.S Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

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I hope everyone is enjoying a good week, a very busy one at this end, so this post is relatively (for me!) short and to the point. I've also delved into my back catalogue of unpublished research to flesh out some of the points made in this one, hence some of the corporations will make (if I decide to write them) an appearance in later posts and in turn give further/deeper context to the connections raised in this one.

So without Further ado, let's get started


McKesson Corporation

After hearing some information about the vaccine rollout there were a few connections I wanted to point out. Alongside the military, I notice that the Trump administration recently announced that they would be partnering with Mckesson Corp to rollout the Coronavirus vaccine. Although this is a recent announcement, it is worth noting that the contract was secured back in 2016.

The HHS said the contract, which includes an option to distribute vaccines in the event of a pandemic, was awarded to McKesson as part of a competitive bidding process in 2016. Source

Taking into account that the former senior advisor to the HHS secretary and current chief of staff to the FDA is former Mckesson lobbyist Keagan Lenihan, perhaps the awarded contract shouldn't come as a surprise.

So let's take a brief look into the financial structure behind Mckesson Corp. The largest shareholders/institutional owners of Mckesson include; BlackRock Inc, J.P Morgan Chase & Co, Vanguard Group Inc, and State Street, with Rockefeller Capital Management (who with John Brennan, have the former chairman and CEO of Vanguard Group on their board) holding lesser shares. That said, it doesn't really matter who has the most shares because (as I have previously displayed) at some level they are all the same corporation.

As a combined force. BlackRock, State Street, and the Vanguard group are curently managing 17 trillion in assets, and are the largest shareholders in 40% of all publically listed U.S firms. Together they are also the largest shareholders in 88% of S&P 500 firms, traversing news and entertainment media, including Netflix, and big tech, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, alongside defense contractors like Raytheon. As noted within this article (and previously verified by myself) these entities own both institutional and majority voting shares within all American banks, and thus exercise control over the entire U.S banking system.

If you begin to delve into their shareholdings (although they are all intertwined and have shares in one another) you will observe that The Vanguard Group owns controlling shares in both BlackRock & State Street. Equally, followed by BlackRock & State Street, Vanguard have controlling institutional shares in J.P Morgan, who as I have already displayed are also one of the largest shareholders in the Mckesson Group. And as a sidenote, both BlackRock & Vanguard own controlling shares in Monsanto.


Due to to my busy schedule I haven't been able to personally verify/research the documents they speak about (so I note it as a conjecture and not a definitive fact) but as highlighted in this article a Russian intelligence report details the owners of the Vanguard group as (amongst others) the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bush's, & Clintons.

What I have previously ascertained is that through a myriad of holdings, companies, shares, and financial interconnections (which are outside the remit of this post), the Rothschilds are indeed financially connected to Vanguard. Rothschild Australia Asset Management Limited (RAAM) have a strategic alliance with BlackRock, and State Street provides asset servicing for N.M Rothschild & Sons. Some more direct share connections between Rothschilds institutions and Vanguard can be found here, here, and here.

The deviousness of this system is portrayed not only by the entities that have managed to accumulate such wealth, but to a larger extent through the intricacy of the web that obscures it.

But let's get back to covid-19 and the vaccine. So I shall randomly (eyes closed) pick two of the nine pharmacutical companies tasked with producing the vaccine for covid-19, my finger picked Johnson & Johnson & Pfizer. As listed here the top three owners of Johnson & Johnson (who alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are UN Sustainable development Agenda 2030 partners) are the Vanguard Group, State Street Global and Advisors, and BlackRock.

How about Pfizer? Who are also supporters of UN sustainable development. Well as we can see here once again it is the big three! Whilst herewe find that Vanguard, State Street, and BlackRock are also (prior the coronavirus) the top shareholders in 3M, who make masks, respirators, and have a patent on the covid holy grail N95 respirator.

Back to J&J, alongside court cases relating to asbestos in their baby powder (a fact that was known for decades before cancer suffering plaintiffs fought the case in court), we other recent cases of corporate misconduct can be found in this report. Equally, Pfizer settled a court case in 2010 relating to using an experimental (claimed without parental consent) menigitis vaccine on African children, whilst a more comprehensive rapsheet can be found here.

Here they are using Greta Thunbergs child contemporary Jamie Margolin to greenwash the image of J&J. Note the buzzwords "global citizen" and "action village" i.e global community.

Source, The wrong kind of green)

To finish off, both Johnson & Johnson and Mckesson Corp are currently involved in an opiod racketeering court case. Whilst in 2005 Mckeeson Corp settled a $960 millon accounting fraud scandal, which led to the jailing of it's former chairman.

Thank you for reading, I will leave you with the UN's covid-19 new world order celebration song. Taken from the United Nations Unite virtual concert.

Written by @perceptualflaws
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I saw that UN NWO BS song a week or so ago, that is truly fucking creepy!
WTF! Why is Blocktrades flagging you dude?

Hey TP my man! Great to have you stop by and bless my post with a guest appearance .. must appreciated dude. :)

They have certainly become increasingly brazen .. from a psychological perspective, it's now at the stage of programming .. they did have a UN NWO website when this all kicked off .. but I think they felt it might be a bit too early and so pulled it .. for now. Keep an eye on the page and see if it returns ;)

In terms of blocktrades .. I imagine it's because he wants to keep this post (and the last one) off the trending page. Still, I can't say I'm losing sleep over it lol What will be will be. ;) I drop you a mail next week sometime and have a catch up!

Man. There is something deeply evil about the mere concept of big pharma. Could you imagine going back to the dawn of modern medicine and telling the pioneers there that the government and big pharma would be ruling the population, experimenting on them, and putting them in a position to constantly need it? Then fleecing the public and having them become addicted to it? That we would simply resort to treating the symptoms because the solving the actual issue would make for bad business?

I do feel a little more justifiably paranoid after your well researched posts but I would rather be informed than blind to the tyranny.

Thanks man!

Man. There is something deeply evil about the mere concept of big pharma. Could you imagine going back to the dawn of modern medicine and telling the pioneers there that the government and big pharma would be ruling the population, experimenting on them, and putting them in a position to constantly need it? Then fleecing the public and having them become addicted to it? That we would simply resort to treating the symptoms because the solving the actual issue would make for bad business?

Yes I couldn't agree more, any business (that's what it is) that is attempting to make it law that you inject their products into your body .. deserves every level of scrutiny that can be afforded to them. The deeper you begin to look the more you begin to realise that big pharma usurped many aspects of health .. and within a myriad of areas their business plans are built upon (willfully) false assumptions and shallow foundations. Thanks my friend .. the truth is we need to take control/responsibility for our own health, and the food we put in our bodies .. and actually, that is a very empowering and positive process.

the truth is we need to take control/responsibility for our own health, and the food we put in our bodies .
This is increasing hard to do, as Monsanto and others own the patents to the seeds used in much of our food production.
Political Speak.JPG

Nestle owns much of our water rights, and is trying (and has succeeded in some cases) to make it illegal to gather RAIN WATER for your own personal use, no matter that it fell on your roof.
This world is in serious trouble as long as the Sheeple won't open their eyes.
There is no fence, only a gate.jpg

Thanks .. yes I do agree with what you're saying .. I have previously written about how through the California wildfires, as hosepipe bans were enforced, Nestle were drawing 36 million gallons of water from the Californian national forest. And equally how (through the world bank) Bechtel and Suez attempted a coup on Bolivian water supplies, like you say making it illegal for people to collect their own rainwater. The glimmer of hope being, that in what is now termed the Bolivian water wars, the people fought back and were able to take back control. Not that I'm suggesting fighting, just a bit of forward planning.

I would suggest stocking up on as many organic seeds as you can (we can even create indoor or balcony gardens) and stocking the seeds the food produces .. give the surplus to friends, pay it forward, find a small patch of wilderness and start your own hidden garden .. and screw what Nestle says, nobody owns the water from the sky and that is a court case in the waiting. But yes, I do know this is all getting too close for comfort.

Yeah it's sick.


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Amazing post, thanks for the details and the names!

"The genius of this system is not so much how certain individuals have managed to accumulate such wealth, rather the intricacy of the web that obscures it."

Just don't agree withe the genius part of it. Just an advanced form of hiding your identity and lying. :)

You know more about this then me, where does The Pirbright Institute fit into all of this? I found financial links between Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pirbright Institute who own at least 2 patents of the corona virus, dating back to 2014.

Thanks I'm glad you appreciated the post and in terms of the word genius .. actually, I think you're right .. that is far to gracious a term. Thanks, I'll change it. :)

I think with regards to where Pirbright fit into all this, due to their connections with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust (who have Bill & Melinda Gates as their trustees) .. they are connected into this one-world system of medical governance. Quietly created in order to control the entire (beyond covid-19) world health narrative and keep everyone singing from the same hymn sheet .. so to speak lol. In terms of the patents .. in all honesty, it's something that's been in my awareness, although as I've yet to fully explore/research that aspect, I can't really make a definitive comment. But will be sure to let you know if anything comes to light. Thanks again for the heads up, support and kinds words ..much appreciated. :)


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Usual brilliance in laying out the facts and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions without being pushed by yourself. Thank you.

Question. These few families that own such a massive proportion of the world's wealth. What's the motivation? Don't people get bored with making more money, having more control and power?

In some respects, it's a little like Hive! Gamification, where the game is just to gather more and more SP and thus more influence. Life for most, I feel, is more about having the power and control rather than simply the cash.

Still don't see what there is to tangibly gain from anyone having so much cash or power. It's very strange to my way of thinking .

Hope you're safe, sane and happy :-)

Hey thank you for the kind words and support my friend, sorry for the delay in replying but I've been on the road since I posted this. :)

In relation to your question .. in order to truly understand their motives, it means (for most people) we have to let go of our beliefs and our preconceptions about the world in which we live. Most are unable to separate themselves from their own perception of this world, and thus never fully understand the nature of the agenda that is being perpetrated against us.

From a lifetime of research, at the lower tiers of the control structure, for many, it will be about the accumulation of wealth and power .. but unknowingly to them, these individuals greed, narcissism, and psychopathy are being fed and manipulated towards a higher purpose. At the upper level, the monetary/control system they have created is not simply about the accumulation of wealth/power .. they want to quite literally re-engineer us, re-program us, genetically and technologically alter the very essence of what it means to be human .. they believe they have a divine right to rule and want to rule over us as if they were our God's, our creators, and claim the earth as their playground. First, they must invert, pervert, and bring us into line and under their control. And to a large degree .. this must be accomplished through the manipulation of our freewill.

I'm fully aware that to most people such a statement would be ridiculed and labelled as insanity .. I care not. lol

Apart from that! lol I'm actually in really good spirits, recovering from a bad back .. but otherwise, I'm taking it easy, staying on a nice even keel, seeing how it all plays out and getting myself as self-sufficient (intellectually and with food etc) as I possibly can. Hope you've been keeping well dude and life is good for you and yours.

I have given this question thought. It is a little part of an answer I think to realize that cash/money isn't really much of a goal of folks this powerful, but that money serves as a veil that obscures the actual wealth and power they do seek and possess.

National banks just conjure money out of thin air, which is then affirmed and actualized by governments that borrow it from them. Upon that affirmation of it's reality, it becomes an obligation to pay on subjects of the borrowing government(s), and during QE is then managed by Blackrock (in the USA) in order to raise stock and bond prices by being used to purchase select assets - which, as @perceptualflaws has pointed out in the OP, are majority owned by the same 'investors' that own the national banks.

This is nothing more or less than a fraud corrupt government enables those 'investors' to commit against subject peoples. We don't get the benefit of the conjured funds, but are obligated to repay them to those that did. Every dollar so conjured thus inures to the 'investors' twice over, plus interest.

It is the obscuring veil that allows corruption and fraud to subjugate peoples to these 'investors' that makes it of value to them, IMHO.

Edit: presently, the real wealth availed these 'investors' seems to be the governmental right to violate the NAP by deploying heavily armed military forces to 'distribute' the Covid19 vaccines into our blood.

Since it's a DNA alteration, it has the potential to transform subject peoples into GMOs with genetic traits not found in nature. It is very creepy to consider what traits such 'investors' would find desirable in their proprietary quasi-human subjects.


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It's a fantastically diabolical and transparent plan for sure. Yet many of us still can not connect the very few dots that complete the whole picture.

Oh that UN video is creepy. What on earth are they all wearing? Zombies, in thrall to might masquerading as right.


Thanks for the support my friend.

Yet many of us still can not connect the very few dots that complete the whole picture.

The sheer scale of this system enables it to hide in plain sight. We interact with it every single day, and it has become synonymous with our lives and our experience. Thus, I can relate to why people have become blinded by its smoke and mirrors.

It certainly is creepy, but ultimately the people are themselves being used and they probably think they are spreading an important message, so I cast no judgment on them. :) Thanks again @owasco

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Amazing post! My admirations :)

Thank you .. I'm glad you appreciated the post. :)

There is so much here @perceptualflaws that I agree with, but don't have time atm to delve deeply into all the links you provide.
Needless to say you got my 100% upvote and reblog

Thanks for the support my friend .. glad you appreciated the post. I gave you a more comprehensive reply above. :) Thanks again @jerrytsuseer


Yeah no surprises there my friend, it's all about the money. Thanks for helping to join the dots and keep us all informed, I appreciate that so much.
And this song, so blatant, goes to show how comfortable they are with their plan. So creepy, using children to promote this.
Wishing you the best xxxx
p.s it's Trucklife-family here, forgot to sign out lol xx

Hey @trucklife-family ..sorry I must have missed this comment. I hope you and your family are keeping really well, it's certainly all getting creepy. I've had to fully focus on some other areas of my life, but I'll be back asap with some projects I've been working on in the background. Catch you soon! X

My feed has gotten rather slim the last few weeks, been some people missing in action. I hope everything is well with you and that you are doing okay.

Hey @sunlit, thank you for the message, I've had a lot going on that I've had to fully focus on .. but I'll be back soon. I hope you and yours have been keeping well. :)

Thank you for taking the time to send out a quick note everything is well with you, that was much appreciated, your loss and contributions to the platform would have been deeply felt. (I was already in the process of feeling it). I am soooo glad you are okay. My family is doing as well as can be expected during these trying times, our heads are still above water. See you soon!

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