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RE: The Financial Infrastructure Behind The U.S Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Amazing post, thanks for the details and the names!

"The genius of this system is not so much how certain individuals have managed to accumulate such wealth, rather the intricacy of the web that obscures it."

Just don't agree withe the genius part of it. Just an advanced form of hiding your identity and lying. :)

You know more about this then me, where does The Pirbright Institute fit into all of this? I found financial links between Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pirbright Institute who own at least 2 patents of the corona virus, dating back to 2014.


Thanks I'm glad you appreciated the post and in terms of the word genius .. actually, I think you're right .. that is far to gracious a term. Thanks, I'll change it. :)

I think with regards to where Pirbright fit into all this, due to their connections with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust (who have Bill & Melinda Gates as their trustees) .. they are connected into this one-world system of medical governance. Quietly created in order to control the entire (beyond covid-19) world health narrative and keep everyone singing from the same hymn sheet .. so to speak lol. In terms of the patents .. in all honesty, it's something that's been in my awareness, although as I've yet to fully explore/research that aspect, I can't really make a definitive comment. But will be sure to let you know if anything comes to light. Thanks again for the heads up, support and kinds words ..much appreciated. :)


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