What are Some Teaching Strategies for Special Education Students?

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Teaching students online certainly has its own challenges for teachers, they must be able to understand technology. The challenges will increase if the students being taught are students with special needs or disabilities. Teachers are not only encouraged to adapt with online learning situations such as understanding the variety of applications used.

However, it is also hoped that they will be able to and master several strategies to teach students special needs. So what kind of strategy should be used by the teacher in teaching students with special needs or disabilities?

  • Understand the student's condition.

Teachers who specifically teach students with special needs must be able to understand the conditions of their students. The condition here starts from seeing their enthusiasm for learning, If the students' enthusiasm for learning has decreased, the teacher should provide them with another encouragement.

Like giving a break for a moment. But besides that, the technique of giving students enthusiasm for learning can be through doing some educational games.

  • an Adequate system support.

If a child with special needs is in school, or in Indonesia it is called a special school (SLB), of course provide a variety of support systems. However, if education is carried out in a virtual way that requires children to learn from home, then of course not all parents have the support system.

However, there is one support system that parents have at home, namely parental attention. So here teachers and parents have to collaborate so that the learning process is virtual for children with disabilities it can run smoothly without a hitch. The teacher explains virtually with the teaching materials that have been prepared, while parents also have to prepare appropriate learning media as the teacher directs.

If a child with disabilities has vision problems, then parents can assist by reading material from the teacher, if the child has hearing problems, here parents can use hearing aids or explain through sign language.

  • Make them comfortable.

Comfort is an important aspect in everything, including about education. Especially for the virtual education process. All students will be bored if they sit too long, especially students with disabilities. So here you have to be clever at making students feel comfortable and not bored with studying.

Teachers are required to learn new things that can provide a comfortable learning atmosphere for students. For example, autistic students who are very minimal in communicating, so the teacher must find a way for these students to improve communication.

Of all the points above, of course the most important thing is collaboration between teachers and parents, because children with special needs need more attention so that what is taught can be fully understood.

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