Making Of Kolang-Kaling (Sugar Palm Fruit) in My Village

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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog post. I hope you in the good condition and may God bless you all.


Yesterday I arrived at my hometown by bus, from my city Pekanbaru. It took about 14 hours to arrive at Simpang Nangka Bus Station at Curup City, and continue the trip by taxi bike for about an hour to my village Bangun Jaya.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by my aunt’s son and daughter. They helped me put my bag and luggage inside the house. After that, I greet my grandpa and talk for a while asking about his condition, its about 8 months since he’s fall from the tile and losing the ability to walk by his leg. Now he’s using a wheelchair or a walking stick to stabilize his standing and moving around the house.

My grandma isn’t home yet, she went to the farm in the morning. Because this day is Friday, I have to wait until the Friday Praying before I can go to the farm.



After the prayer ended, I went to the farm. It not too far from home, it’s about 700 meters or about 10 minutes by walking. You can use a motorbike or just a bike but you have to be careful, because of the slippery road.


Arrived at the farm, I saw that the farm is now a cornfield that my grandma and my aunt plant. The corn is almost ready to harvest, maybe it will be ready in 3 or 4 days.



Walk a bit and I saw the hut, a simple hut that not even complete yet. On the ground, I saw a bunch of sugar farm fruit that already harvested a day before. My aunt told me that the fruit will be cooked and then she’s gonna extract the things inside the fruit.



Prepare the sugar palm fruit and strip the fruit or slice the branches so it can fit in the pan. Because the pan is big enough my aunt decided to just slice it so it won’t take much time to strip it.

Because we are at the farm, so we need to prepare the fire first, using the wood.
Put the pan on the furnace and put some water on it.

Put the stripped palm fruit or the sliced branches on the pan and close the pan so it will boil faster.



While we’re waiting, let me show you the sugar palm tree that my grandma owned, there are several tree but it just happened that there is one tree that located near the hut.

After the water is boiled, check the fruit condition, if the color has been changed and the texture is softer you can take the fruit out and wait for a while till the fruit a bit warm or colder because it’s hard to hold it if the fruit hot



Slice the fruit a half and you can take the white thing inside
Do it till the rest of the fruit.

This is fun, and it’s a good thing to do while killing time and keep being productive while waiting for the iftar.


After we finish extracting the fruit, it’s almost 4 P.M. and it’s time to go home. But before that, make sure to clean the hut, put the fire off so it won’t burn the entire farm field while we’re at home.

Thanks for coming, dont forget to vote and follow my blog for the next updates.


way back home


After arriving at home, clean the Sugar Palm Fruit for the iftar drink. You can slice it to half or third just adjust it to your liking.


Many Sugar palm plant on Sumatera Island

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Great place. I have never tasted that fruit, it has a light and sweet taste?

Dont try the raw one, the white one is a bit sweet its good if you mix it with drink, like Cendol or you can make some pickle of it

I understand, it is more to eat it as an accompaniment, in pickles it should be very good.

Yeah, i prefer sweet pickles.
I'll post that if i make one soon

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