Museum Palace - A very roast duck afternoon

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Hey yall! Whatsup whatsup! So, the government announced the 3rd lockdown and we decided to take this opportunity to meet up, have a blast at the roast duck restaurant at the Atria Shopping Galary, at the Museum Palace, before the lockdown commence.


The restaurant actually situated at the concourse floor instead of ground floor. It's been there since before the lockdown, we had our first experience back in 2020 before the pandemic, so it's kind of deep in our heart. Restaurant is very clean and tidy, and this is one of those Chinese restaurant that doesn't have the funky smell.


One of their most significant dish is the roast duck. The taste is pretty damn epic for our local people. I will dive in to the texture and the taste later, but now lets' look at the price. RM39.90 a whole duck. That's like less than 10 dollars! If this price tag doesn't attract you, I don't know what else will.


I'm not much of a bitter gourd guy, but somehow their omelet bitter gourd tasted just about right. The fruit doesn't taste too bitter, mixed with the egg, and properly seasoned, this dish taste just right for rice lover.


Originally the set should come with a plate of fried vegetable, but instead we got this plate of beat sprout, which we're not complaining. Absolutely love it. The bean sprout is really crunchy, and the fried onions made the dish really fragrant, added with the very tasty soy sauce, I think I can whack another bowl of rice by having only this dish alone.


This was not listed in the set we ordered, we call this a TWIN MIXED PLATE, consist of BBQ pork, and a portion of roasted pork belly. We really like the BBQ pork, the sauce is lightly sweetened, savory and smells of charcoal BBQ immediately fill my mouth when I took a bite. However, the pork belly taste like how it looks. Nothing too special about it, but surely it aint bad.


Finally, the duck is here. As advertised, it's a whole duck. If you're a roast duck lover, you'll probably heard of Peking Duck from the Chinese restaurants. The duck being stuffed, marinated, and balooned up for air dry so the skin detached from the meat. This taste quite similar to the real Peking Duck, and it cost a lot more affordable since they're selling it at such a discounted price.

Finally, I would like to emphasize, the duck price is for dine in only. If you're having less than 3 person, make sure you're hungry enough to eat the whole duck. Should you not finish it, you're not only wasting food, but the restaurant will charge you extra on wastage! I had experience where me and ex-girlfriend going dine in a whole duck, where the kids doesn't eat the duck at all. So, the two of us had to split the duck and it feels more like a punishment than an enjoyable meal.


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