Not Feeling Guilty for taking Self-Care!

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

The idea of self-care is very wide. From my understanding, you can do anything and everything positive, good for you to take care of yourself. It can be a little treat, can be a yoga session, can be your favorite book or music; anything!

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For a few days, days are passing by just in the blink of eyes. It literally feels so. Not getting enough personal time. It's been a while I didn't get time to sit with my favorite coffee or with a book.

But I try to make this happen once in a while to boost my mood.

Wondering? How a StayHomeMom spends busy days? It's actually a lot of work you know. Especially in this situation when my Husband is doing home office, I have to take care of my son so he doesn't show up on his Father's zoom calls, keep him busy, and also doing all the other things at home. Who knows, know it all what I'm talking about!

Reading an old favorite book after ages.

Moreover, it's the fasting month of Muslims, so we are busy for almost the whole day and even at the night doing prayers, preparing breakfast meals. We have to wake up at around 3.00 AM for our late-night meal in the preparation for the next day's fasting. So you can say, getting time for self-care became a little difficult these days.

So I'm trying to blend my activities with a self-care routine.

I'm trying to make my Prayer a time to connect with our souls. Trying to eat mindfully, treating myself with some comforting food, taking care of my plants while producing positive thoughts...

Favorite Yogurt.

My flowering portulaca plant.

Refreshing orange juice.

This pandemic made many things impossible. I guess it would be that hard if we can go outside freely like before, our mood can be fixed easily. But now we need to put so much intentional efforts to make ourselves feel good, to improve our mental health.

I wouldn't say I don't feel guilty sometimes when I convene for self-care. Because works start to pile up in the meantime. Trying my best to not make me feel guilty to sit, relax and take self-care.

Do this very often, do this for yourself, do this for the better...

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I'm not very sincere about self-care. Always love to live a careless life. Maybe that's why I'm suffering.

We all had in that point in life. But I learned from mistakes. Self care helps to improve us a better human. Try it.
Thanks ☺💚

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Positivity is necessary in this pandemic situation

That's very true.
Thanks ☺


Thanks ☺😇💚